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The heat, sweat and dust from the summers are unbearable, and now with humidity also increasing, the weather seems to be getting intolerable. While we look for ways to cool down the heat around, we sit in our chilled rooms; eat ice creams, desserts, shakes, coolers, and what not! While these cold dishes have certainly helped us to beat the heat, the same flavours and choices might bore you every time. But relishing a new thing is always on the list, especially when you can easily make it at home!(Also Read: Love Cake? You Don’t Wanna Miss These Korean Bento Cakes)For you to try a new cold summer dessert, we bring you the recipe for a Bingsu.Bingsu can be made easily at homeBingsu is a popular Korean dessert, especially during the summer. Bingsu is made up of finely shaved ice in flavours including milk, chocolate, and red beans. Special ice shaving equipment imported from Korea is used to create finely shaved flavoured ice. Usually fresh fruits, powder, fruit preserves, and cereal flakes are popular components and garnishes in this dish. Some Bingsus are served with condensed or fresh milk, which can be poured over the dish according to your liking.(Also Read: Coffee Or Canvas? South Korean Barista Creates Incredible Art On Coffee Froth (See Pics))Check Out The Recipe For Bingsu:To make Bingsu at your home, you would require fresh berries, sugar, seasonal fruits like mango, apple, kiwi, pineapple or other fruits of your choice, vanilla ice cream and shaved ice.In a pan, add your berries with three tablespoons of water and prepare berry syrup. Once it starts to simmer down, add the sugar and stir. Cool it down and strain it from a sieve. Then in a blender, add ice and blend it to create shaved ice.In a big bowl, add your shaved ice, add the vanilla ice cream, seasonal fruits and top it with the berry syrup! Enjoy the delicious and refreshing Bingsu in this weather!For the full recipe of Bingsu, click here.Make this delicious dessert at your home and let us know you liked it!

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