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CJI Chandrachud joked he still listens to music at home every day (File)New Delhi: DY Chandrachud, the new Chief Justice of India (CJI), recently revealed that he moonlighted as a radio jockey for All India Radio in his early twenties.Chief Justice Chandrachud said he hosted shows like ‘Play It Cool’, ‘Date with You’, or ‘Sunday Request’.”Not many are aware of this but I moonlighted as a radio jockey in my earlier twenties in All India Radio doing programs like ‘Play it cool’ or ‘A date with you’ or ‘Sunday requests’,” he said during an event in Goa last week.On a lighter note, he joked he still listens to music at home every day after he is “done with music of the lawyers”.”My love for music persists even today. So after I am done with the music of the lawyers which is not always music to the ears, I go back back and listen to music which is music to the ears , every day of my life,” the Chief Justice said.Moonlighting refers to taking up another job alongside the current work.He was speaking after inaugurating the first academic session of the India International University of Legal Education and Research (IIULER) in Goa, an initiative of the Bar Council of India.During his address, he asked students to be always inquisitive . “Attempt to know yourself. The quest to know yourself is a continuing quest. You must begin that quest early. Seek better for your soul and understanding your mind,” he said.Last month, the “youthful looks” of the Chief Justice and Union law minister Kiren Rijiju became the subject of banter at a Delhi event. “I’m sure, nobody will dispute about the genuinely youthful looks of the Chief Justice of India, Justice D.Y. Chandrachud !!,” tweeted Mr Rijiju.”By doing a Google search a short while ago, I realised that I was 12 years old when the law minister was born. So that would justify my saying that I’m an imposter. He belongs to the category of young,” said Chief Justice Chandrachud responding to the ‘compliment’. Chief Justice Chandrachud, who was part of the Supreme Court benches that delivered several landmark verdicts including the Ayodhya land dispute case in recent times, was sworn in as the 50th Chief Justice of India last month.In his first statement to the media after taking oath, he had said that “serving the ordinary citizen” was his priority.”I hope my tenure will be marked by harmony and balance. I have learnt this from my elders that this is crucial to maintaining the tranquility of our society,” he said.Featured Video Of The Day”Ready To Rock And Roll”: Lalu Yadav’s Daughter Ahead Of Kidney Transplant

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