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The size of the “monster” fish has left internet users stunned.A US fisherman has shocked social media users by catching an enormous tiger muskie in Connecticut’s Lake Lillinonah. Taking to Facebook, the Connecticut Fish and Wildlife shared an image of the giant fish. The caption of the post read, “How is your summer fishing going?! Thanks to Joe for sharing this photo of an impressive tiger muskie he recently caught. The tiger muskie is a cross between a northern pike and a muskellunge.”Take a look below: Since being shared, the size of the fish has left internet users stunned. One user wrote, “I don’t want to swim anywhere anymore.” Another added, “What a monster!” “I would not be happy at the thought of that swimming with me. Looks prehistoric,” said third. “I wasn’t familiar with the fish and googled. That might be a record-breaker. Nothing looked half that size! Impressive,” committed fourth. According to Newsweek, the fish was released after being caught by Joe Rivas. It was measured at around 42-inches. Mr Rivas described the fish as “angry” and reportedly said that his adrenaline “went through the roof” when he realised what he had caught. Viral Video | Fishermen Rescue Bald Eagle From Death Grip Of An OctopusTiger muskies are also known as tiger muskellunge. They are large carnivorous fish and have a long, cylindrical-shaped bodies and a prominent snout. Adult tiger muskies can grow to between 34 and 48 inches and weigh more than 30 pounds. According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), tiger muskies have a reputation for being difficult to catch and have earned the nickname “fish of a thousand casts”. Click for more trending news

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