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Are you a fan of filter coffee? If yes, then you’ll be able to relate to Mithila Palkar. The actress has shared her side of the story related to this famous brew, straight from Chennai. Do you know Mithila is not a coffee person, in general. But she revealed that South India made her fall in love with this delicious drink. Encapsulating her love for filter coffee, the actress shared a post on Instagram. In the first picture, she can be seen sipping on filter coffee served in a traditional steel tumbler. Later, in the next video, we could see her pouring the drink into the dabarah saucer just before she savours it. Mithila expressed her feelings in a detailed caption. She wrote, “Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a coffee person. But another thing that South India managed to do was make me like filter coffee.” Mithila concluded it cheekily with a question, “This is the first step of conversion, is it?”Also read: Mithila Palkar’s Bengaluru Adventure Includes A Proper South Indian MealIf you are also looking forward to relishing filter coffee, here’s the recipe. However, if you are not a fan of this coffee precisely, there are other options too. Check the recipes below:Here’re 5 Coffee Recipes To Try:1) Filter coffeeCan’t help but start with classic filter coffee. It’s foamy and utterly delicious. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that South Indians swear by this drool-worthy brew. See this for the recipe.2) Spiced coffeeIf you like your coffee to be a little spicy, stick to this recipe. A cup of spiced coffee carries the strong flavours of heavenly ginger and cardamom. It’s refreshing and something you need to make yourself happy after a long day. Click here for the recipe.3) Cold coffeeSome people prefer their coffee cold. So, yes, cold coffee lovers out there, please take notes. This is a perfect drink that can make you feel better. It’s also good for people who have gastric issues, they say. Cold coffee is flavourful. Look out for the recipe here.4) Dark chocolate coffeeThis heavenly drink has the goodness of dark chocolate along with some coffee. So, when you are bored with regular coffee, give it a chocolaty twist. This is one comforting drink that you wouldn’t regret having. Find the recipe here.5) Coffee mousseNow, this is an absolute treat for people who enjoy desserts. Looking for a wonderful sweet delight after your meal? Don’t look further than this. A super delectable coffee mousse soaked in sweetened coffee will satiate your sweet tooth. So, what are you waiting for? Go treat yourself. Recipe here.So, which coffee will you try from the list?Featured Video Of The DaySookhe Matar Mushroom Recipe | How To Make Sookhe Matar Mushroom

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