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Mira is definitely winning the game when it comes to eating hearty, wholesome foods during the winter. Mira Kapoor shared a funny travel experience with her followers. In the caption, she wrote, “When you get stopped at the airport for carrying homemade, filled with love and winter, Gobhi-Shalgam achaar.” She further elaborated it with, “You know you are as Punjabi as it gets.” Take a look at her Instagram story below:If, after looking at her story, you’re craving some tangy pickles to eat this winter, we’ve got you covered. We have some delicious achaar recipes that you can make at home. Click here. Achaar (pickle) is a widely known condiment in Indian cuisine. It is incredibly versatile and offers an instant explosion of flavours in your mouth. And the best part is you can make it by using a host of ingredients. For instance, garlic, ginger, mango, lemon and more, options are many, leaving us spoilt for choices. However, if there’s one pickle that is immensely loved during the winter season, then it has to be none other than Gajar Shalgam Ka Achaar. This classic achaar seems to have a place in every meal, whether you serve it with rice, a paratha, or even mathri.This isn’t the first time Mira Kapoor has discussed her culinary adventures. She occasionally shares something that piques our interest. A few days back, she enjoyed a bowl of Thai curry. You can read about it here.We can’t wait to see what winter treats Mira Kapoor brings up next! What is your favourite food to enjoy during the winter season? Tell us in the comments section below.Featured Video Of The DayDry Fruit Cake Recipe | How To Make Dry Fruit Cake

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