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Author Jim Butcher started writing his famous Dresden Files series in 2000. And now, after a gap of roughly six years Butcher is back with book number 16 titled ‘Peace Talks’ in the popular Chicago-based urban fantasy series.

Released in July 2020 ‘Peace Talks’ follows Harry Dresden, the only professional wizard from Chicago, on a new journey. Various nations in the Supernatural world are planning to join hands in order to negotiate an end to hostilities. For this, Harry Dresden joins the security team of the White Council to ensure that the talks are civil. But after Harry’s half-brother Thomas Raith tries to kill the Svartalves’ leader, Harry is now being suspected for his role in the crime. With the help of his aides, Harry is able to free his half-brother from the prison. Meanwhile, Harry discovers dark political manipulations which could change his world forever. Will he be able to succeed in his mission?

Butcher leaves the story with a cliff hanger and fans of this series will have to wait for book number 17 ‘Battle Ground’, which releases in September 2020, to know what happens next. Nevertheless, ‘Peace Talks’ is a fast-paced and engaging urban fantasy which fans of the Dresden Files series would like to read.

How critics view the book:

Publishers Weekly writes, “Butcher ramps up the tension for wizard Harry Dresden in this open-ended 16th installment to the Dresden Files urban fantasy series”.

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