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In India, every season calls for a unique list of dishes that are tasty, healthy and seasonal. If you explore in-depth, you will find summer brings along cool and light recipes; whereas winter is all about rich and decadent dishes that help us keep warm and fight against the cold outside. One such popular winter ingredient is gondh. For the unversed, gondh (or edible gum) is sourced from a babool tree and includes several health-benefiting properties. Various health experts claim, “Gondh is widely used in traditional medical practice and can help boost immunity, stamina and overall health.” Besides, it makes for a great food ingredient too – we all are aware of the popular gondh ke ladoo.A popular sweet dish in the Northern part of India, gondh ke ladoo is widely prepared during the winter season to keep the body warm. It is also consumed by pregnant women for overall nourishment. The best part is, you can go creative with gondh ke ladoo recipe, by adding different ingredients to it.Here, we bring you one such gondh ke ladoo variation that makes a perfect treat for the winter season. It’s called methi-gondh ke ladoo. Besides the super-healthy gondh and methi seeds, this particular recipe also includes dry fruits, nuts, ghee and yes, no sugar. Sounds perfect; isn’t it? So, without further ado, let’s look into the recipe.This methi-gondh ke ladoo recipe has been shared by food vlogger Parul on her YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’. Find it below.Winter-Special Recipe: How To Make Methi-Gondh Ke Ladoo:To begin with, we need to first eliminate the bitterness of methi seeds. For this, grind methi seeds into a fine powder and soak them in milk for some hours. Then roast the methi powder in ghee. Roast some besan and atta as well. When the mix releases ghee, add chironji and poppy seeds to it.Now, roast desiccated coconut on low flame and keep aside. Then heat ghee in a kadhai and add cashew nuts, almonds and pistachio to it and roast well. Transfer them to a plate. Then add makhana and melon seeds, and roast them too. Grind the roasted dry fruits into a coarse powder.In the next step, heat ghee in a kadhai and add gondh to it. Roast well. Then mash the gondh with a potato masher. Once all these steps are covered, transfer everything to a big mixing bowl and dry mix everything.As mentioned earlier, this recipe includes no sugar in it. Instead, we use jaggery for the added sweetness. To make the syrup, heat ghee and melt gud in it. To it, add dry ginger powder, cardamom powder, grated nutmeg and pepper powder, and mix.Pour this syrup on the ladoo mix it with some chopped pistachios and mix well. Now, prepare small ladoos out of the mix and store them for whenever you crave (for something sweet).Watch the detailed recipe video below:Also Read: Watch: How To Make Gondh Gud Papdi – A Winter Delicacy From Gujarat (Recipe Video Inside)What are you waiting for? Try this delicious, winter-special methi-gondh ladoos and enjoy!Featured Video Of The DaySouth Indian Style Ginger Chutney Recipe | How To Make South Indian Style Ginger Chutney

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