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The video has been removed due to harassment and bullying. (Representational Image: Unsplash)A New Zealand McDonald’s employee decided to quit his job in the middle of his shift after he was asked to clean the cooking equipment, reported filmed himself while quitting his job and posted his abrupt walk-out on Tiktok with the caption, “They really thought I was going to clean that.”In the 26-second clip, he said, “Hell no, I am not cleaning that, I ain’t cleaning that.” Known on Tiktok by the name Fionn_McCallum in the 26-second clip looks at the dishes in the sink and said, “Hell no, I am not cleaning that, I ain’t cleaning that.”The man told his manager that he quits. Enraged by the announcement, the manager can be heard yelling at the crew member while his teammates beg him to stay. The manager screams, “No! Get back here!”The man responds: “I quit, I’m leaving Maccas. See you on the flip side b*****!”According to, the video went viral and accumulated 2.9 million views. The internet was divided after seeing the video.A user wrote, “I work at McDonald’s, I feel u.”While others didn’t feel sorry for the employee. A user commented, “Not even that bad it’s like 20 mins of work”.”Kids don’t wanna work, lazy as hell,” wrote another user.The video has been removed due to harassment and bullying.This is not the first time, McDonald’s workers quit their job in this way. Last year, staff walked out unexpectedly. The video which went viral on social media was shared with a note which read, “Everyone quit we are closed.”Featured Video Of The DayNew CCTV Clip Of Jailed Delhi Minister Day After “No Proper Food” Charge

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