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A matrimonial ad with a weird set of requirements has gone viral online (Representative Image)A matrimonial ad has drawn the Internet’s ire with its weirdly specific list of requirements – including, but not limited to, the woman’s bra, waist and feet size. The ad was posted by a man seeking a bride on a matrimonial site called, and has been widely circulated on social media recently. Ditching the traditional “slim, fair and tall” for a much more specific and equally problematic set of requirements, the man said he was seeking a woman who was “5’2 to 5’6” and measured “32b to 32c, size 12-16 (waist) and size 6-7 (feet).”If that wasn’t enough, the ad also went on to list several other qualities that the lucky bride needed to possess – some of them contradictory to each other. The ad specified that she should be conservative but also liberal, fun but down to earth and “be into wearing costumes in bed”. The woman should also love dogs and have no children and be anywhere between 18 to 26-years-old. After surfacing on Reddit last week, the matrimonial ad has created quite a buzz online. Reactions ranged from incredulous to angry. Take a look:”This guy is a ladies tailor or what?” asked one person in the comments section. “This guy wants character customization, not a partner. Good god,” said another. “Just give him a barbie doll set already,” a Reddit user suggested, while another remarked: “At 5ft 5 and this kind of personality, he better have Tom Cruise looks to be demanding this.”After the ad went viral on Twitter, said that action had been taken against the user for violating the platform’s terms and conditions. “Necessary action has been taken against the user for violating our User Terms and Conditions,” the matrimonial website said in a tweet Friday. Necessary action has been taken against the user for violating our User Terms and Conditions. Thank you for bringing this to our notice.— (@betterhalfai) November 19, 2021Several other bizarre matrimonial ads have gone viral on the Internet before this. In 2020, an ad seeking a bride who is “not addicted to social media” had surfaced online. More recently, one seeking a “non-farting, non-burping” husband turned out to be a prank. Click for more trending news

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