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If you have woken up late today and now pressed for time, then breakfast is the first thing that goes for a toss! Amidst getting ready or morning calls, there is hardly any time to make breakfast, or most of us rely on all the unhealthy options that are full of preservatives and empty calories. This is a common problem and it happens with everyone, even with our celebrities. Recently, fashion designer Masaba Gupta took over on Instagram and shared a photo of her ‘quick breakfast.’ But let us tell you that this breakfast seems to be a perfect balance of nutrients and is, of course, super healthy! You can spot Masaba’s take on an avocado burger filled with mustard, cheese, and other ingredients on her plate.(Also Read: No Gluten, Dairy Or Sugar: This Is Masaba Gupta’s Healthy To-Do List)In her story, the designer wrote, “My hurricane breakfasts. Usually in the car en-route work and quick to whip up. Today, I tried a gluten-free open avocado burger with mustard, arugula and a generous piece of truffle cheese! All set for the day.” Take a look:Masaba Gupta Instagram StoryNow, this is what we call is having something nutritious on the go! So if Masaba Gupta’s breakfast is making you crave for some of that goodness right now, then try making this simple avocado toast with an omelette to kick-start your day with a good portion of nutrients.(Also Read: Masaba Gupta’s Healthy Toast Recipe Is The Perfect Breakfast For All Bread-Lovers)If you have been following Masaba Gupta for a while now, then you know that the designer is all about health and fitness. The designer often shares her strict diet and routine with her 1.5 million followers and fans on Instagram. So, if you are also looking for some fitness motivation – then it’s best to some from Masaba as she is an inspiration for many people.

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