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Masaba Gupta is on a fitness journey and we are all on board with it. The talented fashion designer who has been on a gluten, dairy, and sugar-free diet shared on Sunday a scrumptious-looking picture of her homemade sugar and gluten-free version of granola on her Instagram Stories. The designer has been actively promoting her healthy lifestyle along with exercises and clean-eating tips for her fans and followers on Instagram. Masaba Gupta’s homemade granola looked simple and delicious, made using ingredients such as rolled oats, slivers of almonds, and toasted coconut mixed with coconut oil. Take a look:(Also Read: Masaba Gupta Shares Her Whole-Day Diet For Weight Loss And PCOD)Granola is a delicious snack made using rolled oats, nuts, and berries. It is a healthy breakfast as well as the perfect option for a quick snack. It is simple to make and has a long shelf-life making it a nutritious alternative to several unhealthy food items.Granola is low in fats and rich in protein and fibre. It is loaded with micronutrients, particularly vitamin B and E, which are good for your cell health and skin. Craving some delish granola? Here is a list of recipes for you to try.1. Walnut And Cranberry Granola BarsTry this yummy granola recipe made with crunchy walnuts and dried tart cranberry for a delicious snack. Check out the recipe here.2. Almond Granola BarsThis is a quick and easy snack that combines the healthy nuttiness of almonds along with the gooey sweetness of jaggery to make for a nutritious snack. Click here for the recipe.3. Sugar-Free GranolaHere is our version of sugar-free granola made using sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds. Take a look at the recipe here.(Also Read: Try This Quick Granola Fruit Smoothie For A Wholesome Morning Meal)(Also Read: Masaba Reveals All She Eats In A Day, Her Fitness Secrets And More)Masaba Gupta has been sharing her fitness journey with her followers on Instagram through various posts and stories. Her healthy eating habits are motivating enough for us to get on the fitness train with her too.However, the ‘Masaba Masaba’ star is allowed the occasional cheat day too, and she seems to have used up hers for the month of June. She also shared a photo of her lunch, of some tasty gluten-free khakra with a dollop of delicious-looking homemade hummus, on Instagram Stories and captioned it, “Cheated with sugar, fried, gluten everything possible yesterday. So, the one day in this month to cheat is gone (so soon I’m shameless) – but now it’s time to buckle up again.” Masaba Gupta added, “Today’s lunch was poha and this amazing gluten-free khakra from SObread. With homemade hummus.”(Also Read: Masaba Gupta Swears By Mother Neena’s Semolina Appe, Here’s Proof)In an earlier post on her Instagram Stories, Masaba had shared a photo of a wholesome south Indian meal that included ragi idiappams with a beetroot and coconut sabzi, avial, a black-eyed beans dish along with coconut chutney. She captioned the image, “Let food be thy medicine: @thatthalasserygirl cooked me a meal which basically felt like a 100 fairy lights, lighting up my taste buds. Just. simply. Divine.” Masaba Gupta added, “Did I mention all her ingredients are home ground and freshly extracted?” The picture definitely left us craving the delicious vegetarian fare.The talented actress-designer had also shared an image of her lunch asking her followers, “How’s the sugar/gluten-free situation going?” Check out her stories:Don’t make your food disordered and obsessive. Like Masaba, make healthier food choices. And remember, it isn’t a huge struggle to learn good eating habits! 

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