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Mario Kart Game Installed Outside Food Truck Is A Hit With Customers 1
Food trucks are nothing but happiness on wheels. In most countries, these trucks serve a variety of local delicacies and fast food ranging from hotdogs and pizza to shawarma and falafel. People often line up outside these vehicles, which are equipped with everything needed to prepare and serve hot and fresh food. The quality and variety of food along with the service offered is what attracts customers to a food truck. However, some food truck owners think out of the box to please their customers without relying just on what is on their menu. Recently, a photo has surfaced on the Internet that shows a food truck with a Super Mario Kart game set up outside it to keep customers entertained as they wait for their orders.Also read: Tired Of Her Husband’s Tantrums, Woman Cooks Dishes He Doesnt Like; Shares On RedditIn the picture, shared on Reddit, a food truck is seen parked on the roadside with a sizeable TV screen installed outside it. Gaming controllers are connected to the screen and a girl is spotted playing a Mario game using them. “This food truck in my town has Super Mario Kart for while you wait,” the caption read.The post soon gained traction and prompted a number of responses.“I would support this business if I knew where it was!” a user wrote.One joked, “Plot twist: someone inside the truck is player 1 and is playing instead of making your food”.“But then you’re hooked into playing Mario Kart. Her food has been ready for twenty minutes,” a comment read.A person said, “Keep the food because I’ll be there for a while”.One chimed in to add, “No you actually get food while waiting for your turn in Super Mario Kart”.It seems not everyone liked the idea. “As much as I love Mario Kart, I wouldn’t be the person playing this at a freaking food truck,” a user wrote.One said, “All fun and games until it starts to rain”.So, what do you think of this innovative food truck?Featured Video Of The DayHot Toddy Recipe | How To Make Hot Toddy

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