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According to police, the incident was noticed through Twitter.New Delhi: A 40-year-old man was arrested in connection with the alleged sexual harassment of a woman at a Delhi Metro station, police said on Wednesday.The accused has been identified as Manav Aggarwal, a resident of Kotla Mubarakpur here, they said, adding he had fled to Nepal after the incident and had recently applied for anticipatory bail.The incident took place on June 2 at Delhi Metro’s Jor Bagh station on the Yellow Line. The woman had taken to Twitter to narrate her ordeal.Deputy Commissioner of Police (Railways) Harendra K Singh said, “The accused fled to Nepal on June 4 after he came to know about the incident through media. He also applied for anticipatory bail during that period.” In a series of tweets, the woman had claimed that on June 2 she was travelling in a Delhi Metro train on the Yellow Line when a stranger approached her and sought her help for locating an address.After helping him, she got off the train and sat on a platform to book a cab. The accused again approached her and asked about the address further, she had claimed.This time when she tried to help him, the accused flashed his private part, she had alleged.The woman had also alleged that a ‘policeman’ standing on the platform did not help her.According to police, the incident was noticed through Twitter. The victim, a resident of Gurgaon, was contacted and she stated that while she was travelling from Huda City Centre to Jor Bagh Metro Station on June 2, she faced an incident of sexual harassment.During travel in the metro, a man enquired from her about the way to Delhi University. She de-boarded at Jor Bagh where the man also de-boarded and followed her on the platform on the pretext of verifying the address, a senior police officer said.While she was sitting on the bench at the platform, the person again showed her a file on the pretext of verifying the address. When she was trying to see the file, he thrust his private part on her face, the officer said.Thereafter, a case was registered at INA Metro police station, police said.The videos of the incident have emerged on social media.In one of the videos, the victim is seen sitting on a bench at the platform of Jor Bagh metro station. Meanwhile, a person approaches her, comes close to her and commits the crime, following which she stands up from the bench and walks away.In another video, the accused, wearing a cap and face mask, is seen.Police found the accused person’s presence at Vishwavidyalaya, Malviya Nagar, INA, Hauz Khas, Jor Bagh metro stations, police said.During investigation, police analysed the CCTV footage in and around entry and exit points at all metro stations of the Yellow Line. Police located the accused while he entered the Sikanderpur metro station through an escalator at gate number 1 in the morning, Deputy Commissioner of Police (metro) Jitendra Mani said.Further analysis found that the accused bought some fruits from near Sikanderpur metro station. He also entered a saloon in the nearby area where he stayed for 20 minutes. Police enquired from the barber and analysed the mode of the payment which was made through e-wallet, police said.Thereafter, consumer application form (CAF), call detail records of the accused and location was taken and the photo affix on the CAF form was found matching with the accused. The location was also matching from the time of the CCTV footage, police said.The accused was identified and his house was raided which was found locked. The nearby residents said that he was not seen there since June 4. Later, it was found that the accused had left the country on June 4 and went to Kathmandu in Nepal by a flight, police said.Meanwhile, he applied for anticipatory bail in a lower court and the high court but it was denied after police opposed it, they said.Due to continuous efforts, the accused was apprehended from near Saket Court, DCP Mani said.The man is unmarried and currently unemployed. He was presently residing in Gurgaon, Haryana, and earning money from rented accommodations, police said.Police also said the accused’s location was found several times in Delhi University North Campus, Saket and other areas. (Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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