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Waffle makers and SPAM are a powerful duo. The ridged plates press into the processed meat, creating crispy browned peaks and valleys that grab onto sauce and don’t let go. I’ve been waffling naked, unadorned SPAM for years, but we’re leveling up with waffled SPAM pops (now with actual waffle batter).

Waffled SPAM pop are a whimsical, salty, greasy snack that would fit right in at the county fair. They’re like a corn dog, if the corn dog was a little bit of a degenerate. Fluffy, slightly sweet waffle batter enrobes crispy, pre-waffled SPAM, for a bite that would be quite at home in any party spread, no matter the hour. (I would eat these for brunch just as enthusiastically as I would eat them at 10 p.m.)

He’s smiling at you.

He’s smiling at you.
Photo: Claire Lower

Start by slicing the SPAM. I used maple-flavored SPAM, because the SPAM company sent it to me, but you can use any flavor. Don’t slice it too thin; the pieces need to be able to accommodate a cake pop stick (or something similar). Mine were a chunky 1/2-inch thick. Cook the slices according to these instructions, then cut each on into four equal pieces. Wipe your waffle maker out, unless you like little burnt pits on the outside of your waffles (which is fine; they don’t really affect much besides aesthetics.)

Get the gear and get to wafflin’:

Next, prep your waffle batter. I used a thinned-out Bisquick mix, but you can use whatever mix or recipe you like. (Your mix should be thick enough to leave a trail that holds its shape for about five seconds when you run a fork through it.)

Image for article titled Make Waffled SPAM Pops for a Debauched Start to the Day

Photo: Claire Lower

Stick a cake pop stick into a chunk of waffled SPAM, then dip the SPAM into the batter, tilting the stick as needed to fully coat the meat. Place in a preheated waffle maker, with the stick poking out, as far away from the hinge of the maker as possible. (The stick can keep the waffle maker from closing well if it’s positioned close to the hinge.) Cook for four or five minutes, until the waffle is golden brown. Enjoy immediately, ideally with maple syrup.

Waffled SPAM Pops (makes 12)


  • 1 tin of SPAM
  • 1 cup Bisquick baking mix
  • 1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons whole milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • Maple syrup for serving

Slice your SPAM into 1/2-inch slices, and cook in your waffle maker until they are browned and crispy on both sides (3 minutes or so). Remove from the waffle maker and cut each slice into four equal pieces.

Add the baking mix, milk, egg, and oil to a large mixing cup or narrow, deep bowl and stir to combine, leaving a few lumps. Stick a cake pop stick into each piece of SPAM and dip into the batter, tilting the stick as needed to coat.

Place in a pre-heated waffle maker and cook for 4-6 minutes, until the waffle is golden brown. Serve immediately with maple syrup.

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