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Eknath Shinde’s government will take the test of majority tomorrowNew Delhi:
The election for the Maharashtra Speaker’s post is being considered a semi-final ahead of the vote tomorrow, when the Eknath Shinde goverment would need to prove its majority Here is what today’s voting result revealedBJP’s Rahul Narwekar was elected Speaker with 164 votes. The Opposition’s candidate, Rajan Salvi, got 107 votes.The Uddhav Thackeray-led faction of Shiv Sena has moved Supreme Court for suspension of 39 MLAs from the Shinde camp.If all 39 are suspended, the majority mark would come down to 125. Mr Narwekar got 164 votes today, if 39 MLAs are disqualified, it would still have the magic number.This implies that the Uddhav Thackeray-led faction does not have the numbers to win the test of strength on the House floor.MLAs of Samajwadi Party and AIMIM did not vote. Even if vote tomorrow, Team Uddhav Thackeray won’t have the numbers to win the vote.

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