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"Lucky Me," Says Kalki Koechlin While Enjoying Meal Cooked By Partner Guy Hershberg 1
Kalki Koechlin has arrived with her oh-so-delicious food update on Instagram. Curious to know about her latest gastronomic adventure? If yes, then, brace yourself before we walk you through her mouth-watering spread. FYI: It isn’t a usual meal. This time, it’s special for the actress. The yummy dishes were likely prepared by Kalki’s partner Guy Hershberg. What did Kalki have, you ask? She enjoyed lip-smacking Middle Eastern delights. In the picture she shared on Instagram Stories, we saw bread and bowls of hummus garnished with oil and chickpeas. There was a super appetising preparation of Moroccan fish cooked with a bunch of spices. For a healthy binge, we could spot a lovely salad featuring a nice assortment of greens. Besides this, there were other dips. Kalki wrote, “Middle Eastern delights from Guy Hershberg” She added the hashtags “Lucky me,” “Moroccan fish” and “Hummus.”  Also Read: Beyond Hummus: 9 Popular Arabic Foods You Must TryTake a look at Kalki Koechlin’s meal:If you want to recreate a meal similar to Kalki Koechlin, have a look at the recipes mentioned below:1) HummusIf you know a thing or two about Middle Eastern cuisine, you would be familiar with hummus. It is a sumptuous dip typically cooked with mashed chickpeas blended perfectly with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic. This smooth and creamy delight is worth tasting. Recipe here.  2) Andlouse FishDo you like to have fish? If yes, then this recipe is going to amp up your meal in no time. It’s a baked fish delicacy that uses flavourful sauces made from tomatoes and an eclectic mix of fresh and dry herbs. Find the recipe here.     3) Pita BreadThis is one classic Mediterranean flatbread, often enjoyed with meat, vegetables or even falafel. Pita bread also tastes like heaven with hummus. It’s like pocket bread that can be filled with a variety of ingredients. Just try making this at home for a perfect indulgence. Find the recipe here.   4) Middle Eastern Tabbouleh Salad With Red QuinoaAre you a fan of salads? If yes, then this recipe will come to your rescue. Also, because this is healthy, you wouldn’t regret bingeing on it at all. Click here for the recipe.   5) Baba GanoushHere’s another popular dip from Middle Eastern cuisine waiting for your attention. Yes, it’s quite similar to hummus, just that, this one is made with eggplant, garlic and sesame seeds. Its unique smoky flavour and wonderful taste has our heart. You must try this out once. Recipe here.  So, when are you planning to set up a Lebanese meal like Kalki Koechlin?Featured Video Of The DayDry Fruit Cake Recipe | How To Make Dry Fruit Cake

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