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Learn about Dong-A and Effects

Copper is not so familiar to us. It is called winter watermelon, but it is a kind of pumpkin. In oriental medicine, it is called Dong-A and has been used as a medicine for a long time. Typically, because of the substantial circulation effect, circulatory disorders are diuretic and excellent food ingredients. 


1.Pulpy Efficacy of Dong-A

Donga’s pulp contains protein, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, 

Nutrients such as iron, vitamin B2, vitamin C, nicotinic acid, ash

 And anti-cancer effects, especially rectal cancer 

Suitable for colon cancer, good for liver protection, diabetes and edema 

Calms down, has an excellent diuretic effect, ideal for hemorrhoids, fish

It is said to be suitable for poison and alcoholism. Among them, vitamin C is rich

It’s a good face for whitening and has been known for its name.


Suitable for whitening, skin troubles, and aging.


2.The outer shell of Dong-ah

The crust is also suitable for diuresis, nephritis, edema, diarrhea, boils

It is said to be good. High intake is not proper if the body is weak





3. Dong

The genus has antipyretic, jingal, diuretic, anti-inflammatory effects alternating, 


Edema, when urine does not come out well, it is also useful for boils.




Dong-a has a lot of saponins, and saponins contain sugars and fats.

 It is suitable for a diet to prevent absorption and accumulation. cold

If you cough or have a lot of waste in your body


You can expect a good effect.


What are the side effects and precautions?


The frost has the property of lowering the heat, so the stomach is full and

 People with frequent indigestion eat only small amounts and contain potassium


People with hyperkalemia refrain from eating.


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