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Three fountains were installed at Rabindra Sarobar lake to increase the oxygen level. (File)Kolkata: Almost two months after dead fish were found floating in Rabindra Sarobar — an artificial lake surrounded by a park in the southern part of the city — the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA), its custodian, said it was mulling the option of infusing liquid oxygen in the waterbody.Antara Acharya, the CEO of KMDA, said a committee of experts has been formed to explore ways of upping the oxygen level in Rabindra Sarobar – home to various species of fish and birds.”We are in the process of holding talks with firms that specialise in infusing liquid oxygen in water. We are also exploring other options in consultation with experts. A decision will be arrived at in due course of time,” she told news agency PTI.Over 30 dead fish were found floating in the lake in the third week of October, following which the KMDA carried out an inspection and found out that the oxygen level in the lake has dipped.Three fountains were immediately installed at the waterbody to increase the oxygen level, but the rowing club in the vicinity raised objections, stating that it could lead to hazards for the athletes.The KMDA subsequently removed the fountains.Asked if siltation could be a reason for depletion of the oxygen level in the lake, Ms Acharya said, “It is an old lake, one must remember. Such things happen over a period of time.””We have to keep in mind that a delicate ecosystem has developed in that area over the years. Things have to be done in a calibrated manner, not in haste or overnight,” she said.Environmentalist and one of the crusaders of “Save Rabindra Sarobar” campaign, SM Ghosh, said the depth of lake water has gone down to eight feet from 20 feet.”We suggest the de-siltation be done immediately. The silt should be deposited on the mini island that forms a part of the complex. The silt will make the land there more fertile,” Mr Ghosh added.(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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