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Shahid Kapoor with Mira Rajput. (courtesy mira.kapoor)New Delhi: Shahid Kapoor, who was a guest on Karan Johar’s latest episode of Koffee With Karan 7, talked about his life post marriage and how he is “very thankful” for that. When Karan Johar asked Shahid if marrying someone from outside the film industry was a conscious decision, the actor said, “So for me, it was very simple. I have two very distinct sides to myself. One is obviously what people see of me being an actor, and from the fraternity, and the glitz and the glamour, you know all that. And then I also have a very homely and spiritual side to myself. I have a deep faith and I am vegetarian. I don’t drink. You know, I have all those things, so, I always found it difficult to come across somebody, who would be able to understand both sides of me. And I really struggled with that and I was 34 and I was kind of ready to settle down because I had been living on my own for over ten years and just at that time, through family and through friends everything came up but it just happened and we met and it’s the best thing that happened in my life. And I feel she brings so much into my world and she balances me out and she makes me feel very normal and we have beautiful children. And I am very thankful for that.”When KJo asked Shahid if he has also encouraged Mira in her “career domain,” adding that she has “become a bit of a strong influencer,” the actor said, “I don’t know how much she sees I have. I am not a very in your face kind of a person. When we got married, I was 34 and she was 20. So I had to approach it very differently. She needed to be cared for, with kid gloves. She had left everything in her life and had come to Bombay. I was very established in my space and films in general and this world of films can be very intimidating and judgemental. Sometimes, I used to feel like I know too much and I think I can tell her what to do and how to be. But I used to sometimes do it from a place of wanting to protect her. This is because I had been in that place myself. I was this kid from Lokhandwala, who at 21, did well and didn’t know how to be.”To this, Karan Johar added that Mira has “come into her own and she knows her s***.” To this, Shahid’s Kabir Singh co-star Kiara added, “I think she always was. In the episode also, I remember when you guys were on the couch (referring to an episode from a previous season of Koffee With Karan). I think she brings a lot of calmness and stability to Shahid’s life and he told me, ‘I have sensed that I have someone to go back home to and I always wanted that’ and I felt that it was so beautiful and she is truly one of the loveliest people and I really love her and think she is like this fresh, warm sunshine in his life.”Shahid married Mira Rajput in July in 2015. Their daughter Misha was born a year later in August. Shahid and Mira are also parents to a son named Zain, who they welcomed in the year 2018.

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