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Karan Johar posed for a picture. (courtesy: karanjohar)Mumbai: Karan Johar is all set for the 7th season of his talk show Koffee With Karan, in an interview with NDTV on the sets of the show Karan confessed that we stars do get into trouble when they say something on the show. He said, “Actors may say the same thing somewhere else but they don’t get the kind of backlash when they say it on my show. People are waiting to attack them because they said something on ‘Koffee With Karan’ I am doomed by the reputation of my show.”He also said he has not been able to pull Salman, Aamir or Shah Rukh in this season and even Ranbir Kapoor said he wouldn’t come this time. “The 3 Khans are not coming on this season, I don’t have the power to pull them. I can get them for a party but not on my show. I can’t manage two also out of the three Khans. Ranbir told me ‘I am not coming’. He said I will say something and I may be in some trouble so I don’t want to come.”The show has entertained a huge audience out there but it’s also got Karan into trouble that refuses to leave him, which is the topic of nepotism. “Nepotism is a topic that started on this show and it’s never left me till now or the industry. I am trolled for it and abused for it and now and now I am not bothered by it.”Karan also sees a huge difference in the way he hosts the show now in its 7th season. “In season 1 I was this innocent child asking questions trying to be prim and proper in my delivery and very correct in the portrayal of myself, over the seasons there is a lot of unabashedness and ease, now I’m not bothered how I am looking or whether my expressions or too much or whether I am laughing loudly, I have become more myself now by season 7.”Koffee With Karan premieres on July 7 on Disney+ Hotstar.

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