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Anybody who cooks regularly knows how difficult it is to maintain kitchen utensils. While they certainly make our lives easier, it is important to take all the necessary steps to keep them clean before, during and after preparing food in order to prevent foodborne illnesses at home. Speaking of kitchen utensils, wooden utensils such as wooden spoons, chopping boards and dough bowls, are functional staples in the kitchen. However, they easily absorb dirt and oils, which can be difficult to remove. And who likes to use utensils that are stained or have a bad odour? So, if you’re in a similar situation right now, here we bring you some easy tips on how to clean wooden utensils. Check them out below:Also read: Which Kind of Cutting Board is the Best – Plastic or Wood?Here Are 5 Tips On How To Clean Wooden Utensils:1.Rub With SaltFirst, wash your wooden utensil thoroughly with hot soapy water to rinse away all the bacteria. Now pour a good amount of coarse salt over it and rub it using a half-cut lemon until the salt has dissolved. Once done, rinse with cool water and allow it to dry.2.Squeeze Some Lemon JuiceLemon is one of the most popular food items used to get rid of bad odour and harsh stains from utensils. All you have to do is immerse them in a vessel of hot water and squeeze lemon juice into it. You can also apply lemon juice directly to the utensils and rinse it off after 5-10 mins.Also read: How To Clean Air Fryer- 5 Easy Tips3.Sprinkle Baking SodaIf lemon juice didn’t do the trick, baking soda should be able to help. Sprinkle baking soda over the stained areas and drizzle on lemon juice. Use a clean cloth to scrub this area and then simply rinse and set in the sun to dry.4.Soak In VinegarAnother great way to get rid of unwanted stains is to soak your wooden utensils in equal parts white vinegar and room temperature water overnight. This would also help in eliminating any bad odour.5.Clean With SandpaperIf all else fails, try using sandpaper to get rid of the stains. Sanding removes the top layer and reveals fresh wood. This helps in scraping off any leftover stains and gives an overall smooth finish to your wooden utensil.So, the next time you are cleaning your wooden utensils, do keep these tips in your mind!   Featured Video Of The DayChicken Saagwala Recipe | How To Make Chicken Saagwala

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