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The IPS officer said he was prematurely transferred with the intention of harassment.Bengaluru: Claiming (mental) harassment, a senior Indian Police Service (IPS) officer P Ravindranath resigned from his position on Tuesday in Karnataka.”I’m prematurely transferred with the intention of harassment, since I’ve taken legal action against people involved in fake caste certificate issue,” read Mr Ravindranath’s resignation letter.Reacting to his resignation, Karnataka Minister Shivaram Hebbar said, “Such resignations come during the tenure of every government, not only during the tenure of BJP government. They say they are doing this under pressure but sometimes there are some different internal matters. I don’t know why did he resign.””Senior officers take their own decision. He has not blamed the government. Someone who works will always be under the pressure of one or the other kind. I am a minister, and I am under a lot of pressure but resignation is not the solution,” Mr Hebbar added.

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