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Just Sumona Chakravarti Making The Most Of The "Golden Hour" In Thailand. See Pics 1
Image was shared by Sumona Chakravarti. (courtesy: Sumona Chakravarti)Please don’t disturb, Sumona Chakravarti. The actress is busy “making the most of the golden hour”. How do we know, you ask? Sumona has announced it on Instagram with a stellar album. The actress, who jetted off to Phuket, Thailand last week, looks gorgeous in a red swimsuit. The pictures are from her time by the pool. Sumona’s infectious smile has added more stars to it. The actress, who is also part of the show The Kapil Sharma Show, didn’t think much about the caption and just wrote, “Making the most of the golden hour.” She has also added  Sun and palm tree emojis to the post. Sumona’s fans have dropped fire and red hearts in the comments section. For Sumona Chakravarti, the mantra for beach holidays is – “Tan. Swim. Tan. Repeat.” The actress opened her beach dairies with an oh-so-gorgeous photo of herself. Here, Sumona is sitting by the beach with her back facing the camera. Her side note read, “Hello Sunday! Tan. Swim. Tan. Repeat.”Sumona Chakravarti recently lost her furball Bubbles. The actress wrote a heart-wrenching note on Instagram for her little friend. Sharing a bunch of pawdorable pictures featuring herself and Bubbles, Sumona said, “After 4 days of fighting with all her might, we lost the battle. Bubbles left us last evening February 7 at 7pm to join her brother Rooney in heaven.” She continued,  “You never think the last time is the last time. You think there’ll be more. You think you have forever, but you don’t.” Sumona Chakravarti, who lost both her pets in a span of two years, added, “In a span of two years, I have lost both my babies. Is there a term for a parent who loses their child? We have orphan, widow, widower… but nothing for a parent. No word to describe it at all…???? How much grief can one live with? Not every heartache heals. Time will not heal this wound, it will only push me to live with this emptiness & hollowness till my last breath. Now, you and Rooney can cause mayhem wherever u two are, & know that I love you both. Be happy & naughty wherever you are.”Sumona Chakravarti is known for her funny one-liners and spot-on comebacks in Kapil Sharma’s show – The Kapil Sharma Show. 

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