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OCA Low Top Canvas | $79 | Cariuma | Use Code DOWNTOEARTH

Cariuma is a company definitely making waves in the sustainability space. They’re dedicated to fighting against wasteful practices that are rampant in the fashion industry. David and Fernando, the founders, wanted to bring all that to the sneaker game and to create thoughtfully made shoes with cool comfort. Good-looking kicks are consciously created with classic styles. The company has designed some spring hues that have classic casual written all over them.

They all run under $100. The low tops come in many shades, but green, yellow, and rose really give off that Spring has sprung vibe. These are sharp shoes, and you’ll turn heads for sure and take a step towards more eco-conscious shopping. I have a pair of Cariuma sneakers and love them. The color is striking, and I always get compliments when I wear them out. They are a bit heavier, but you’ll be just as stylish once you get used to them.

These will ship for free until March 29.

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