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According to claims of religious texts, once upon a thousand years ago, there was a ‘water catastrophe’ on the earth. In the Hindu Matsya Purana, the description of this phenomenon found in the names ‘Jal Pralaya’ and ‘Naukabandha.’ Lord Vishnu appeared in a fishy form in front of the Dravidian king, Satyavrat (Vaivasvat Manu), and said that from today on the seventh day, the land would be submerged in the sea of ​​a water catastrophe. Till then, get a boat built. Similar stories found in Taurat, Injil, Bible, and Quran. In Jewish, Christian, and Islam, the incident described as ‘the boat of Hazrat Noah.’ It says that only people in the boat of Noah or King Vaivaswat Manu left in this deluge, and all others drowned.

Citing the prophecy of religion, astrology, Maya civilization, or Nostradamus, some people have been claiming the world’s end for many years. Some people live in a panic due to this claim, and some consider it to be superstition. In this context, let us know what is written in the texts of Vedas, Puranas, Bible, Quran, etc.


The Vedas and Puranas inspire Hinduism’s conception of the Holocaust. There is four linguistics of the Holocaust – Nitya, Naimittika, Bipartha, and Prakrit. Prakrit is the great planet, that will be at the end of the cycle. There are many eras in Kalpa. It is any holocaust except the Prakrit holocaust at the end of the period. Hinduism believes that one who has born will die. Everyone’s age is definite, whether it is the Sun or other planets.

In the Pralaya Kaal Puranas, things of creation, origin, evolution, regeneration, and Holocaust have been divided into cantos as the earth is currently in its aging phase, which beliefs to have started around Vikram Samvat 2042 ago. In this period, extreme, cruel, characterless, gluttonous, mechanized beings are destroying the earth. Before this, the pregnancy, infancy, Kumar period, teenage period, and youth period spent will be followed by the old age, the old age, and the upper age. In old age, the means will remain corrupt, stricken, disappointed unhappy creatures.

In the protracted period, the absence of food, water, air, heat will all impair, and there will be a surge of the destruction of life on earth. Uparam period, i.e., millions of years ahead, the irregular, Sun, moon, and the cloud will become extinct. The land will become volcanic. After the famine, the wrath of nature, there will be an extreme catastrophe in the universe. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu will return for the last time at Kalika’s end, which is called Kalki in Hinduism.

Mahabharata mentions a catastrophe at the end of Kali Yuga, but it will not be from any water catastrophe but the ever-increasing heat on the earth. The Mahabharata mentions that the Sun’s intensity will increase so much that the seven seas and rivers will dry up. The Agni, called the cultivator, will devour the earth to hell. Rain will stop completely. Everything will burn, followed by continuous rain for twelve years. By which the whole land will inundate. 


The end of the world is not clear in the Bible. Some people interpret the end of the world to mean the end of evil people, the end of the law, in this holy book. Some believe that then the Lord Jesus will reincarnate. It says that on the last day, all dead and living people will take to the sky, where they will all meet Jesus. This recognition has been named ‘Rapture.’ Jesus says, “No one knows concerning that day and time, neither the angel of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father knows.”

He also said that the end would be sudden, at a time when no one had imagined it.” In the Bible, the time of the occurrence of these events is called the ‘last time,’ the ‘last days,’ and ‘last days.’ According to the Bible, war, starvation, diseases, and earthquakes will end the world. Then only a few people will survive. On this day, the Lord will judge. 


In Islam, it also considers as the Day of Judgment, which is called Qiyamat. Qiyamat’s day in Qur’an Majid has been called Yeumuddin (Day of Revenge) and Thayougul Fasal (Day of Judgment) and Yeomul Hisab (Day of reckoning). According to Islam, only Allah knows when the price will come. There are some signs of Qiyamat in Islam, mention in Hadith that when doom comes, the Sun will come out of the west instead of the East, after half exit, and it will again come out from East. Saffarini Rahimahullah has sorted these signs in his book of Aqeeda. 

The Holocaust in Buddhism: 

According to the Tibetan tradition of Buddhism, when all religions and all castes get eliminated from the world, the catastrophe will come 4600 years later. Around six more suns will arrive on the horizon one by one, after which the world will destroy like a circle of fire. However, in Tripitaka, etc. Buddhist scriptures it’s not mentioned.


According to Zoroastrianism, the world will become holy before the Holocaust comes. Also, God and Satan will face the last time before the Holocaust, in which God will be victorious. After this, God will create the world once again in the same way that the world was created earlier.


In Judaism, there is a belief that the soul of a person who dies after death goes to God. On the doomsday, God will renew the body of all the dead people, who will get punished for their actions by standing before God. According to Jewish belief, the Messiah (Moses) will return at the end.

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