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Inside Disha Patani's Sizzling Hot Korean Barbecue Feast 1
Actress-model Disha Patani is someone who is a self-confessed foodie. Those who follow her on Instagram will often spot her enjoying all sorts of delicious foods every now and then. While the actress definitely has a penchant for desserts and sweets, she makes it a point to experiment with various dishes from different cuisines. Her latest indulgence, for instance, was from the land of Korea. Disha Patani shared two clicks from her amazing lunch that featured multiple Korean delicacies. Take a look:Also Read: Disha Patani’s Yummy Vacation Meal With A View Is Making Us HungryIn the first click, Disha Patani shared a picture of a bowl of what seemed to be a simmered Korean rice cake curry known as Tteok-bokki. Slices of boiled eggs and chopped spring onions were garnished on top of the dish to complete it. On the side, we could see another meat-based dish drizzled with the classic Gochujang paste. Disha Patani used two love-filled emojis to depict how much she enjoyed the dish.This is not all that was part of the Korean barbecue! Disha Patani then shared another click showing the interesting setup at the Korean restaurant she was at. There was a grill in the middle of the table that was the primary part of the Korean barbecue setup. Korean barbecue is used for charring and smoking marinated meats that are typically enjoyed with Korean side dishes such as kimchi, grilled vegetables, and rice. We could spot an array of many different dips, seasonings, vegetables and accompaniments kept on the side of the Korean grill. “Korean BBQ!! Let’s go,” wrote Disha Patani in the caption of the post. She also used two heart-eyes emojis along with her story. Take a look:Also Read: 5 Best Places For Korean Food In Delhi NCRKorean is not the only cuisine that Disha Patani is willing to experiment with. The actress previously went on vacation to an undisclosed location where she tried Japanese food as well. A huge anime fan, she celebrated her birthday with a yummy Japanese delight – none other than the wholesome noodle soup Ramen. Click here to read more about this story.If you are also pondering trying Korean cuisine, we have a beginners guide to get you started. While Kimchi salad is one of the most popular dishes we are all aware of, there are so many more wonderful preparations that the cuisine has to offer. Click here to know about popular foods and dishes of Korean cuisine.
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