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India has said that its buffalo meat is safe and risk freeDespite an overall decline in export of goods owing to the Corona virus pandemic, India’s buffalo meat exports stood at $3.17 billion in 2020-21, which remained unchanged from the previous fiscal figure, the Government has maintained.“Buffalo meat export from India is going on smoothly and there are no hurdles in the supply chain. The affordably-priced buffalo meat is contributing towards food security and food price inflation control in the importing countries,” the Commerce Ministry said on Thursday.The value realisation of buffalo has also increased to $2,921 per MT (metric tonne) from $,2754 per MT, the ministry added further in a statement.Being one of the largest exporters of buffalo meat in the world, India exports to 70 countries like Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq and Saudi Arabia among others.”The buffalo meat is prepared and exported in accordance with international guidelines for any risk mitigation. Only boneless buffalo meat is allowed for export from India which is safe and risk-free,” the statement said.The Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), the top body working to promote and develop agriculture exports, has said that all importing countries can safely procure Indian-origin frozen boneless buffalo meat.China, however, continues to ban buffalo meat from India on health grounds despite several attempts by Indian authorities to prove that Indian meat is healthy and risk-free.The statement further listed several interventions by the Centre to control and eradicate various livestock diseases. 

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