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"India Won't Come To Pakistan As They Are Afraid Of Losing": Ex-Pak Batter | Cricket News 1
The doubts over India’s games in the upcoming Asia Cup continue to dominate headlines as reports suggest that Rohit Sharma and Co will not travel to Pakistan and instead, will play their matches at a neutral venue. ANI reported that the venue is mostly likely to be either England, Oman, Sri Lanka or UAE. While nothing concrete has been announced till now, former Pakistan cricketer Imran Nazir came up with an explosive statement. During a recent interaction, Nazir said that the security in Pakistan is completely fine, and India are not travelling to Pakistan because they are afraid of losing.”There is no security reason. Just look how many teams have been to Pakistan. Forget A teams, even Australia visited. These are all just cover ups. The truth is that India won’t come to Pakistan [for Asia Cup] because they are afraid of losing. Security is just an excuse. Come and play cricket. When you start playing politics, there is no way back,” he said on the Nadir Ali Podcast.”People want to watch India vs Pakistan games because there is a different level of excitement to it. The entire world knows it. Even we as cricketer feel that for cricket to reach every corner of the world, India-Pakistan matches need to happen. We used to play so much cricket. They are such a balanced team, but India cannot tolerate losing. It’s a game; you’ll win some, you’ll lose some,” he added.Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi also weighed in on Asia Cup deadlock between the two nations.”The main problem is we don’t sit together and talk. Like we are sitting here and talking, politicians should also come together and talk. They have huge responsibility,” Shahid Afridi said in a press meeting on the sidelines of Legends League Cricket.”It would have been really nice if India had come. It would have been a step towards cricket and Pakistan for India. This is not a generation of wars and fights; we want relationships to get better. We have played against India with a lot of love and affection. I remember when we came to India, we got an outstanding response. If you remember the 2005 series, Harbhajan and Yuvraj used to go shopping and to restaurants, and no one used to charge them money. This is the beauty of the two nations.”Topics mentioned in this article

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