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The man who died was punched and thrashed with sticks by the group of men.Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh: A 26-year-old man was beaten to death by five others over a land dispute for cattle grazing in Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain district. The horrific incident was captured in a mobile video.Govind, who was kicked, punched and thrashed with sticks by the group of men till he fell unconscious, was taken on a bike and dropped outside his house by the accused, the police said.Five men have been arrested and the police are looking for more suspects.Visuals of the incident show Govind lying on the road, while three men land blows on him. He appears to be not moving as one of the men had to raise him up by grabbing his shoulders.Govind and the other men had a long running dispute over cornering land for cattle rearing and grazing.One of the accused, Ashu Dagar, called Govind at his house under the pretext of a harmless talk. They were joined by the other accused, who then thrashed him, Govind friend Suraj told the police.When Govind appeared to have fainted, the men took him on a bike and dropped him outside his house. His family took him to a local hospital, from where they went to another bigger hospital in Indore, 54 km away. He died during treatment.The police said no one came to stop the public beating. A senior police officer said they are looking for more accused.

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