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Both the accused are now in jailNew Delhi: An abduction and its probe that unfolded a fraud – a curious case of accused and victim switching roles has unfolded over the past three days across Meerut and Noida, culminating in the arrest of both.Following a man’s arrest on charges of robbery and abduction, police found that the abducted businessman has a fraud case against him and the complainant is none other than the man accused of abducting him.Businessman Amit Kumar was abducted Thursday night at Kasna area in Greater Noida. The three accused allegedly stopped his car at a roundabout, thrashed him and his driver Kundan and fired warning shots. They then sped off with Kumar.Following a complaint by Kumar’s driver, police raided several locations, arrested main accused Parwinder Tevatiya and recovered the car and pistol used in the crime.As they dug deeper, police found that Kumar has against him a Rs 2.50-crore fraud case at a police station in Meerut. It is alleged that he conned people by claiming that he had contacts in the Home Minister and he could get them government jobs.According to senior police officer Vishal Pandey, Kumar had earlier helped out Tewatiya in a land-related issue by threatening an official with claims of his links in the ministry.Thereafter, the businessman told Tewatiya that he can get people recruited in government posts. Convinced, Tewatiya pushed the case of his daughter and several others and gave about Rs 2.50 crore to Kumar to get the job done, police said.After a year went by and no one got the promised jobs, Tewatiya lodged a police complaint but no action followed.Police said Tewatiya then got a GPS system attached to Kumar’s car, followed him and abducted him. Tewatiya has told police that he was arrested while he was taking Kumar to the Meerut police station that lodged the case against him.Meerut police have now taken Kumar in custody. Tewatiya is in the custody of Noida police in the abduction case.

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