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Screengrab from a video shared on Twitter by Anand Mahindra.In Latin American cultures, a girl’s 15th birthday is a considered to be a milestone birthday. The coming-of-age party, known as a quinceanera, is celebrated with great pomp and show – but one teenager in Brazil went above and beyond for her 15th birthday celebration, even by quinceanera standards. A video shared by industrialist Anand Mahindra shows the teen entering her party on a small tractor. According to Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of Mahindra Group, the teenager wanted to have a unique 15th birthday celebration. “She likes tractors and she loves the Mahindra brand! So our distributor lent the small tractor for the celebration,” he wrote on Twitter, explaining that 15th birthdays are a “big milestone in Brazilian culture”.His video shows the unnamed teen entering her party on a tractor. Dressed in a pink outfit with sneakers, she flashes the tractor’s headlights as her guests cheer her on. The daughter of one of our Brazilian customers decided to have a unique celebration for her 15th Birthday (a big milestone in Brazilian culture). She likes Tractors and she loves the Mahindra brand! So our distributor lent the small tractor for the celebration. ????????????????????????— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) November 25, 2021The video has been viewed over 87,000 times since being posted on the microblogging platform this morning, racking up a ton of reactions. Take a look:That’s something, Mahindra products are gaining world wide acceptence and sale due to it durability and functionality.Keep it up M&M????????????— T Saldanha (@saldat) November 25, 2021???? Indian brand making global impressions ???????? proud of you and your brand sir ????— Balamurugan P (@bmbalap) November 25, 2021Indeed, Mahindra Tractors are very famous outside India too. Even, I felt proud during one of my US visit. My American friend uses Mahindra Tractor in his farm, only thing he said is spare parts are quite expensive ????— AJ (@AJ69624414) November 25, 2021Anand Mahindra is an active Twitter user with a following of over 8.5 million on the platform. He often shares interesting posts that catch his eye – but the social media fame has a downside too, as he discovered recently. Earlier this week, Mr Mahindra, 66, flagged a quote attributed to him as fake and said he would be taking legal action. Click for more trending news

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