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The mass rally was called by Nagaland Peoples Action Committee (NPAC) on Friday.Dimapur: Hundreds of people took to the streets of Nagaland’s Dimapur on Friday, demanding an early solution to the Naga peace settlement.Nagaland People’s Action Committee (NPAC), which led the protests, submitted to local authorities a memorandum addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and demanded an early solution to the “Naga political issue without further delay”.The memorandum, sent through Nagaland Governor Jagdish Mukhi, said the state is in the 25th year of the political negotiations between the Union government and the Naga negotiators.”The entire process has taken a huge toll on the entire system of governance,” the memorandum said. “The unresolved political issue has heralded in an unimaginable cycle of corruption at all levels, crippling public health care, education and overall infrastructure developments which are in shambles for obvious reasons, to say the least,” it said.”In the name of political issues, threats and intimidations have stifled the growth of a perceived Naga society, which you (PM) assured would be a vibrant one,” the memorandum read further.The memorandum further said that delay in the Naga peace process has led to unemployment and corruption in the state.Various Naga organisations and civil society bodies either participated or supported the public rally.

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