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Have you at any point read about the unsolved riddle of ‘Bhootbilli’? This isn’t a story yet an instance of the secretive presence of an enigmatic feline as clarified by the people of Pune.

Prevalently known as the ‘phantom feline,’ the ‘Bhootbilli’ is an animal, which is said to have been accounted for in a zone adjacent Pune….

The Bhoot Billi
Lepale / Pixabay

The BhootBilli

Also known as the ‘Ghost Cat’, the Bhoot Billi is a mysterious monster that was terrorizing certain parts of India, particularly in areas near Pune, Maharashtra. A weird cryptid that appears to be a hybrid between a cat, a dog and a mongoose,

the Bhootbilli is capable of long jumps, and has reportedly jumped, at least once, in a tree to escape those people who have tried to catch it. It has been described to be huge and ferocious and its size is said to be “smaller than a lion but bigger than a hyena.”

There have been many sightings of the beast and the locals are sure that it is a monster. Whatever it is, India has witnessed many strange animal sightings in the past, like the famous Monkey Man of Delhi.

The Bhoot Billi
SofiLayla / Pixabay

But experts believe that India has a history of over-reacting and exaggerating to such sightings and they believe that the creature is no more than a little civet cat and a lot of imagination.

Now and again neighborhood from the zone has announced about having seen the phantom feline devouring up-to forty-five pigeons and a goat on various timings.

The sightings of the irregular feline have been accounted for in a zone known as Sanjay Park which is 100 miles from Mumbai.

The BhootBilli
mochawalk / Pixabay

Reportedly, Feroz Dilawar Khan, a driver and resident of the area said, “The bhootbilli has been coming everyday the past 10 days around 7 pm. We had set up a lot of traps, but all turned into a flop show because whenever we would try to catch it, it would jump on the tree and sneak out somewhere.”

He further added, “It’s fat and broad with a long tail, black in colour, has a face like a dog and back like a mongoose.”

As indicated by him, within a span of 10 days, the animal has eaten a substantial number of fowls and creatures. Baffled and startled with it, Feroz called up the police one day. He additionally called the fire unit and backwoods authorities amid the small hours of the day. As the authorities started their hunt activity, nothing was found !!!!

Cat Blue Black Animal Light Bokeh
Lepale / Pixabay

The collective efforts of police, forest officials and fire brigade also proved to be helpless in front of the cryptid feline. According to Chairman of Sanjay Park Society, the unknown creature that had been terrorizing the residents was actually smaller than a lion but defeated a hyena in terms of size but th likelihood of the creature being a wild cat that has not yet been identified is slim to none.

Several people have tried to provide several explanations. For example, some people said that it could be black panther while others said it was nothing by an Indian civet. Some others said that the creature was a binturong. However, none of the explanations that came through managed to fit the description as given by the terrified people. So, the mischief-maker remained unidentified and then suddenly the mystery ended. The animal was seen no more.

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LindaSaitos / Pixabay

One of the fire officials from Yerawada, who was at the spot said, “We arrived at the spot around 10 pm, but the animal had already escaped and hid somewhere in the trees.”

Residents identified the creature as smaller than a lion but bigger than a hyena.

Over the same, some experts have expressed an opinion explaining that the Bhootbilli is actually nothing more than a little civet cat along with a lot of imagination.


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