Strange India All Strange Things About India and world

1. Sweat Out

Nowadays’s a vigorous lifestyle, everybody wants to rest and nobody cares about their health, but we should not forget that exercise is as vital as any other task.  You spend only 60 min of activity in a week, then that is also enough for a healthy lifestyle, so whenever you have some free time, and you are confused about what to do, Just wear your outfits, and sweat out. It helps a lot.

2. Cook your favorite Food

Maximum food lovers can not satisfy their needs in working days. But when you are off for a weekend, it is best to cook up something special to you, And it is also a great time to practice new dishes and food items. Those of us do not like to enjoy our favorite food while watching a tv show.

3. Listen to a music

Songs/music play a vital role in improving brain efficiency and to remove mental stress. So it is not wrong to listen to some music while in my free time. Even music is helpful to lower the effect of depression. You may try “Binaural beats,” a type of music to regulate brain activity.

4.Organize your Room

Due to heavy workload and pressure, We generally forget about cleanliness and sanitation, so whenever you are free, Try to clean your room and organize every object in its right place. You will get the next level of satisfaction by doing so. Moreover, the more your room is clean, the more you are protected from foreign pathogens.

5. Plant a Tree 

If you ever planted a tree you must know how soothing and peaceful the work is. Plantation not only gives you mental benefits but also it increases oxygen production and helps to keep the environment Green. you can also take help of your friend to do this task.

6. Play outdoor games

Outdoor games are healthy for both mental and physical health also it increases your social bonds you can play any type of game you like such as speed races, football, kho-kho, and kabbadi, or whatever you like the most. outdoor games will definitely make you sweat which is essential for good body conditioning.

7. Talk to a friend 

A good friend is always ready to help you to make you creative . Talking to a friend will make you happy, enhances your skill,remember your strength and most important give some free space to your brain.But dont forget to ask if they are free to talk .

8.Plan your next task

The objective of planning is to reduce undue work pressure, chances of mistakes, and it also helps in improving efficiency and makes you an intellectual person so always plan your next task whenever you are free to do so

9. Meditation and yoga 

Meditation and yoga are very essential to calm down and refuel the spirit of the soul. so you should practice it not only the free time but also in daily routine. Yoga asanas have also their preventive and curative measure.

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