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A lesser-known Amazon Prime feature is that you can share membership perks with your family and only pay one membership fee. You can add one other adult and up to four teens and four children to Amazon Household—which allows everyone in the household to access all the standard benefits, from free shipping to streaming.

With an Amazon Household, everyone creates or keeps their own Amazon account but gets shared Prime benefits, even if they don’t actually live together. Here’s how to set it up for your family.

How to share Amazon Prime benefits with your family

To get started, you’ll need an Amazon account and a Prime membership (here’s how to sign up for Amazon Prime if you don’t have one already). After logging in, head over to the Amazon Household page and select Add Adult, Add Teen, and/or Add Child depending on who you’d like to share your account with.

If you want to add an adult, you’ll be prompted to enter their name and email associated with their Amazon account. You’ll then have to agree to link your payment wallet and choose which types of content—apps, audiobooks, and/or e-books—you want to share. Amazon does notify you if a Household member moves one of your payment methods to their wallet.

From here, your family member will receive an invitation via email to join your Household. To accept, they’ll click Get Prime Benefits and follow the prompts to agree to wallet sharing and to cancel their own Prime membership if they have one. Invitations are valid for 14 days.

If the person you want to invite doesn’t have an Amazon account, they can create one during sign-up.

To add a teen who is 13 to 17 or a child who is 12 or under to your Household, you’ll need to follow the prompts to set up a teen or child profile—for teens, this includes indicating whether and how you want to review and approve orders and selecting a linked payment method. Children can’t shop on Amazon but can access Amazon Kids content and features.

A few limitations:

  • Amazon Households can only contain two adults and up to four teens and four children.
  • Household members must have an address in the same country (but do not have to have the same address).
  • If an adult has left an Amazon Household, neither adult on the account can join a different one for 180 days.

If you need to remove someone from your Household, you can do so via the Manage Your Household page.

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