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Can you imagine painting pictures that people instantly fall in love with? Paintings that sell easily for decent money?

As someone who deals in art, I can assure you I see a good many naff paintings! – Paintings only the artist’s mother could love!

In fact I walked past a local art store recently, and saw a couple of big watercolors for sale in the window… and it was clear that this artist was reasonably competent, but apart from lacking much colour, there were quite obvious errors in terms of composition, (commonly evident with untrained artists). By untrained I don’t mean those that haven’t been to art school, but those that have done little to EDUCATE THEMSELVES in the finer principals of painting, including the vital area of composition. Such artists lack vital knowledge of the basics, which of course is not exactly helpful to ones career.

Putting artwork up for sale, while making such errors is to sabotage any chance of getting any significant success. Yet for some reason, some artists don’t bother to seriously learn these things!

Further education:

My most important tip for making more money from painting is to improve your skills, to become technically more masterful, and get to a point where painting becomes less of a struggle, and more about pleasure and achievement. And… reaching a point where admirers and buyers can’t wait to see your latest pictures. There are plenty of courses available.

Could such tuition dramatically improve your work and earning potential? No-one can guarantee you’ll instantly become a top selling artist, but obviously the odds can be dramatically improved by mastering and absorbing the core principals of successful painting. Such know-how breeds essential confidence in every brushstroke….and that vital confidence shines through in every work produced..Be honest with yourself; do you really know your craft? Buyers instinctively buy into confident art.

Is there a magic formula or secret code exploited by all successful artists?
In a way yes. Whether through intensive study, or by way of intuition, successful artist’s often employ core principals that make their art outstanding and irresistible to buyers. It isn’t chance.

Their unsuccessful counterparts offer pictures that lack these vital qualities. The main difference is down to learnable principals.

Richard Robinson:

One of the best art courses I’ve seen on the internet is available from artist and teacher Richard Robinson. This collection of DVD Masterclass courses are also available via instant download for convenience at his website. Richard’s courses are largely video based, and are easily absorbed and quickly understood, – unlike some internet courses I’ve looked into, which can be overly technical and academic for most of us, – not to mention darn expensive!

However, it is most important to choose the right mentor for you…and your particular style. Therefore I suggest you choose a course that suits your own personal taste and ambitions as an artist.

Enhancing your prospects:

Whatever route you take, once the fundimental secrets of painting are learned and absorbed, ones chances of success obviously go up. This means you could be in a much improved position to sell your work more easily, and for much better prices.

Imagine never again being nervous about approaching a gallery, or being embarrassed about asking good money for your pictures. Imagine galleries looking forward to your latest work with open arms. This may not happen overnight, but prospects could significantly improve.

Nothing much beats the feeling of pride when people stop and admire your art. Gaining peoples respect and admiration is just one aspect of being a successful artist. Trouble is, most of us had a very poor art education at school, and most of the great traditional methods and techniques of previous masters were lost to our generation following the “modern art” era.

Gaining such knowledge can provide a tipping point whereby your work goes from barely saleable to very saleable, and remember, you will be acquiring these skills for life. Check out the free painting lessons (delivered via email). You will need to give your first name and email details only. If you are serious about your art, there are also a number of painting courses available from Richard at very affordable prices, which might prove a worthwhile investment.

Free Painting Lessons by Richard Robinson:

Personally, I like the Richards’ friendly easy-going style, and have enjoyed the free video lessons and regular correspondence. This includes tips and videos of his various painting adventures and trips, making it fun to learn.

Claim your free Richard Robinson painting lessons now – while still available… Please note there is zero obligation to buy anything. This is why I recommend it.

Look out also for Richards DVD on making a living from your art and running a Successful Art Business, which could also pay dividends.

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