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We all know that getting up early in the morning and making breakfast can be difficult, especially when we have to decide what to make. As a result, we end up eating the basics every morning, such as bread and butter, paratha, poha, and so on. However, eating the same kind of breakfast every other day can become tedious and monotonous. But, as we all know, skipping breakfast is bad for our overall health. A nutritious breakfast not only gives us a boost in the morning but also nourishes us internally, according to numerous health experts. As a result, we recommend that you do not skip the first meal of the day; instead, look for options that are quick, easy, and interesting.In our search for quick and delicious recipes, we came across one recipe that provides a perfect balance of health and flavour on your plate in less than 10 minutes! This recipe, created by YouTuber Parul, makes for a perfect breakfast. Let’s get started.Quick Breakfast Recipe: How To Make Veg WrapTo begin with, heat oil in a pan, add chopped onion and sauté well. Then add chopped garlic, ginger and green chillies. Sauté again.Add chopped capsicum, carrot and cabbage, and stir again. Once done, add spices and seasonings. Cook for a minute or so and then add Schezwan sauce.To prepare the wrap, add all-purpose flour, oil, curd and milk, and make a consistent paste. Ps: you can also use wheat flour as a healthy option.Heat a non-stick tawa, brush it with oil, and add a ladle full of batter. Spread the batter in one direction. Cook from both sides. Fill it with veggie filling and fold it like a wrap.For the complete recipe, watch the video below.For more easy-peasy breakfast recipes, click here.So, what are you waiting for? Go try out this recipe and let us know how you all liked it in the comments below.Featured Video Of The DayCreamy Palak Soup Recipe | How To Make Creamy Palak Soup

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