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Cupcakes are tiny cakes that are topped with delicious cream cheese frosting and colourful sprinkles. They are truly a dream come true for all the dessert lovers out there. Whatever flavour you decide on. Red velvet, vanilla, blueberry -the finished product will be nothing short of delicious. However, you may encounter some difficulties while preparing them at home. For instance, understanding how to make cupcake batter is important because it affects the entire experience. Cupcakes may come out hard and flavourless if they aren’t prepared properly. But listen up, cupcake lovers! There is a ‘way’ to make a spongy cupcake without much fuss, and you should be aware of it in order to make your experience even more enjoyable.What Is The Secret To Good Cupcakes? Here’re Some Tips You Must Follow1. Make Sure The Temperature Is CorrectThe right temperature for each ingredient is essential for creating a spongy cake. The butter should be warm, while the eggs and flour should be at room temperature.2. Use The Right FlourWhat is the most important ingredient in cupcakes? The answer is simple! The most important ingredient in cupcakes is flour. Cakes made with cake flour are much lighter and fluffier than cakes made with all-purpose flour. Cake flour contains cornstarch which makes it the right amount of sponge.3. Fill Cupcake Liners With A ScoopNothing is worse than taking a tray of cupcakes out of the oven and discovering that they are all either overcooked or practically raw on the inside. Use a large scoop for standard-sized cupcakes and a small cookie scoop for minis to ensure even batter distribution. Fill the liners about 2/3 full for the best results.4. Preheat The OvenIf you put cupcakes in the oven before the oven is ready, they will not bake properly. Before you put your cupcakes in the oven, double-check the temperature.5. Avoid Peaking During The Baking ProcessPlease do not keep opening the oven door to check on the progress of the cupcakes! In the early stages of baking, slamming the door open or shut can cause the delicate air bubbles in the batter to burst, resulting in a hard textured cake.That’s all! Follow these tips while making these tiny treats and let us know how they worked for you in the comments below.Featured Video Of The DaySouth Indian Style Ginger Chutney Recipe | How To Make South Indian Style Ginger Chutney

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