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Let’s face it, when the weather gets chilly, the best thing to do is to indulge in something comforting and warm. And what could be better than a bowl of halwa? There’s something about this dessert that makes it a hit among people. Whether it’s the melt-in-mouth texture, decadent taste or more, a bowl of halwa is never enough. So, whenever we set out to make it, we always make sure to make a large batch. From gajar ka halwa, besan halwa and lauki halwa to apple halwa, you can use various ingredients to prepare this dessert. Adding to the list, we bring you a delicious Punjabi-style moong dal halwa. The nutty flavour of moong dal with sweet and woody notes of cardamom, not to forget, the distinct aroma of ghee, can take the quality of any dessert a notch higher.Also read: Weekend Special: 5 Delicious Halwa Recipes To Satisfy Your Sweet CravingsBe it an impromptu guest gathering at home or simply when you want to have something decadent, this moong dal halwa is perfect for every purpose. Another reason you’ll want to make this halwa, again and again, is how simple it is to put together. The majority of the ingredients are readily available or are always present in your kitchen. Let’s learn how to make it.Easy Moong Dal Halwa Recipe: How To Make Punjabi-Style Moong Dal HalwaTo begin with, wash the dal and coarsely grind it in a food processor or on a grinding stone. Bring the milk and sugar mixture to a boil and keep it hot until needed. In a large kadhai, mix ghee and dal, and stir fry over low heat till fried well. Add milk mixture to the fried dal and stir well to mix together.Cook over low heat until the liquid has been absorbed, then stir-fry until the fat has separated. Mix in some chopped almonds and the cardamom powder.Transfer the Moong Dal Halwa to a serving dish; garnish with the remaining almonds, and serve hot. For the complete Punjabi-style moong dal halwa recipe, click here.For more winter special desserts, click here.Try this recipe and let us know how you all liked it in the comments below. Featured Video Of The DayGud Ke Chawal Recipe | How To Make Gud Ke Chawal

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