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Christmas is celebrated with as much fervour and gaiety in India as in other parts of the world. If not everywhere, certain regions dominated by Christian communities mark the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ in the most elementary form. Christmas food traditions go beyond plum cake and gingerbread cookies. In Goa, you’ll see a majority of the households preparing a sweet confectionery, called kulkuls, much in advance to last the festive season. Kulkul (pronounced as ‘kal-kal’) are sweet dough fritters shaped into small curls. About an inch in size, these pastry curls are deep-fried and glazed with thick sugar syrup. Crunchy and sweet, these bite-sized Christmas confections are delightful and addictive. Bringing warmth to the soul, kulkuls spell comfort in every bite. History Of Kulkuls – Where Did Kulkuls Come From: It is believed that kulkuls were derived from the Portuguese rolled pastry ‘Filhoses Enroladas’, influenced by the settlement of the Portuguese community in Goa. With time, kulkuls became an integral part of Christmas feasts of the Catholic communities in Maharashtra and other states like Karnataka. Also called ‘kidyo’ in Konkani language, kulkuls form part of a Christmas ritual which sees the entire family sitting together to knead the dough and shape it into curls ahead of the festival. Kulkuls make it to the popular Goan Christmas sweet spread called ‘kuswar’. (Also Read: Now Bake Without Oven: Try These Easy No-Bake Recipes For Christmas)Kulkuls are deep-fried dough curls glazed with sugar syrupPhoto Credit: Praerna KarthaWhat Are Kulkuls Made Of I Kukul Ingredients: The dough for kulkuls is typically made with a combination of all-purpose flour and semolina flour, with the addition of eggs, milk, butter, powdered sugar and a dash of salt, before being deep-fried and glazed with sugar syrup. Some south Indian regions also add coconut milk to suit their taste preferences, while some people add ghee (clarified butter) instead of plain butter.  If you want to bring the Goa-special kulkuls to your Christmas desserts spread this time, we have a tried-and-tested classic kulkuls recipe to get you started.  (Also Read: Christmas 2022 – 33 Places Across India Offering Christmas-Special Deals)How To Make Kulkuls I Christmas-Special Kukuls Recipe: Click here for the step-by-step recipe for Christmas-special kulkuls. To make kulkuls, first combine flour, sugar and a pinch of salt. Then add milk, eggs and butter. Knead to make a tight dough. Leave it overnight in the refrigerator to rise. Next day, divide the dough into pea-sized balls and stretch and roll into curls. You can use kulkul moulds or the back of a fork to do it. Deep fry the curls and toss them in thick sugar syrup. Then leave them on a tray to dry and cool down. Kulkuls are ready!  Make Christmas 2022 merrier with this special Indian sweet recipe of kulkuls. Featured Video Of The DaySweet Potato Cutlet Recipe | How To Make Sweet Potato Cutlet

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