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Keeping away from the diseases away from them, there is no problematic work, provided the proven practical. Nairobi Surah-Survival ‘This glitch will read you somewhere – Today, we have to fit yourself in the routine in the routine. Keep how to make a variation. This question sometimes ever comes in our mind. So let’s take a look at the mantra with this’ nasty-life-life,

Air, water, earth, fire, and sky are the five physical elements from which this body is made of us. Body experts say that if we keep harmony with these five elements in everyday life, there will be very few opportunities for our disease. The biggest question is, why are we sick? The answer to this question is also straightforward. This is not only the inner life but the sequence of the whole creation. If there is birth, there is death, and then there is sorrow as well. If there is a sickness in the body, then the chances of living a healthy life are not less. There is a need only to make yourself aware of this and understand the matter, then to implement it practically.

 Take a pledge to remain fit:-

The purpose of life is happiness, pleasure, and fun, but the fundamental basis of this happiness and enjoyment, our body will not be healthy, so how will we get satisfaction? Today’s young generation Very sensitive and understanding. More aware of body health and bodybuilding. This is evident in the increasing number of gyms and gymnasiums in the metros and towns. This is good, but a healthy mind is equally needed in a healthy body. An only a fit and healthy account can use physical force properly. Let us pledge today that we will practically make all the necessary efforts to keep our body and mind healthy, fit, and fit. Only then can we remain healthy from body and mind.

 Nature is very generous: –

Many times in life, such situations come that we cannot follow a strict, disciplined routine. But nature compromises in front of our insistence. An example of this, which I have heard from Ramkatha singer Morari Bapu, would like to quote it. Experienced people say that water should not be drunk immediately after meals. The masters of Ayurveda and yoga practitioners also say the same. But do we usually do this? We drink a little water soon after having food, so why not get sick again? Morari Bapu says that once he asked an Ayurveda expert on this subject, he said that although drinking water right after eating is not suitable for health. Yet, the man keeps drinking water, then nature itself according to him It adjusts. This is nature’s generosity and affection. That is why we call life ‘mother-nature.’

 Wake up and also go to: –

Many of our diseases are born by us. Win night at night and sleep in the day, do not eat food and hunger, even after eating, never launches due to the taste – the grain of the construction, not be exercised according to the body. There is a lot of reason, which invite disease. The disease is not just the body, also the mind. Therefore, a special department of psychiatry is considered necessary for its diagnosis. Our elderly have said that ‘As the mind and the water like the bank. As appropriate, to be sought, and discreet ethics – the idea and dietary, the same is the essential mine – pan and seamless natural burnt. Knowing this fact, if we do not practically implement, we can not save any of the diseases.

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