Strange India All Strange Things About India and world do you need to learn to get new pounds and get a robust and healthy body? Several foods are full of calories and which will help to solve the issues of lack of body weight.

It’s necessary to eat food with sizeable surplus calories, in quantities of 200 kcal, but it’s desirable the more, the better. This food uses up little space in the stomach, and now it is easier to eat.


  1. It inhibited growth and development.
  2. Fragile bones.
  3. They have a weakened immune system.
  4. Anemia (a condition where red blood cells are deficient or of hemoglobin in the blood, causing pallor)
  5. Fertility issues.
  6. Hair loss.


You are prone to grab infections as your immune system might not be as strong as it could be. So you may well be more at risk of colds and flu, for example.

You may be missing vitamins and minerals, which are imperative to keeping the body healthy and strong. That is especially important if you’re still growing.

If you don’t have enough calcium, it may affect your bones as it’s a significant mineral for keeping bones strong and healthy. Being underweight helps it to be more likely for you to develop osteoporosis once you get older. This condition makes your bones more delicate and simpler to break.

You may not be having enough iron, which may lead to anemia, a condition that will make you feel lethargic.

Being underweight can also affect a woman’s menstrual cycle. It can even stop period leading to infertility issues and difficulty for being pregnant.


Daily it’s necessary to eat around 3000 calories. The products should be provided with the initial preference:

  1. SALMONOIDS: It’s a rich source of vitamins, fatty acids, great food for some new kilograms.
  2. DRIED FRUITS: They have a sizeable volume of caloric mass and help you solve the problem of excess water in the body. Dried fruits have ten times more nutrients than fresh ones; they can be baked in pies and consumed as an instant breakfast or lunch.Dried fruits
  3. BUTTER: Extremely useful product with high-calorie content, in conjugation with simple bread, is of great benefit than the usage of dry bread.Butter
  4. EGGS: They contain zinc, thiamine, phosphorus, calcium, and a great many other useful elements. You can use them repeatedly a day.
  5. COTTAGE CHEESE: Inside it, in contrast to yogurt, doubly many useful elements. The merchandise is merely ideal for solving troubles with weight. In mixture with peanut butter baked in croissants, it offers around 500 kcal.Cottage cheese
  6. HIGH-CARB COCKTAILS: Usually, own manufacture. Steps to make this type of mixture: 3 liters of milk, two mugs of milk powder, and 50 grams of protein. You can put some ice cream for a better taste after mixing them thoroughly in a mixer and put cool in the refrigerator. Use after the key meal, being an addition.
  7. NUTS: Extremely useful, suppress excess water: almonds, peanuts, walnuts – perfectly suitable for the nutritional menu.
  8. AVOCADO: Expensive, but very useful plant. You can use it with plums and raisins. In this mix of products contains around 800 calories per serving, besides important microelements and vitamins.Avacado
  9. JERKY: It’s ideal for the growth of muscles; it’s not merely protein but also a wide array of substances accompanying muscle growth.
  10. OMELETS WITH ADDITIVES: High-calorie food, which interacts well with protein. It’s much better to eat in the morning, in the extreme for lunch.
  11. SALADS WITH OLIVE OIL: Vegetables in themselves don’t bring particular benefits, but when you mix them with vegetable oil, a mixture is formed that promotes the growth of the body.
  12. CHOCOLATES: But besides, don’t abuse, because it contains lots of sugar. Not more than 100 grams per day.Chocolate
  13. CANDY: First of all, ” Bird’s milk,” they include a large number of useful elements.Candy
  14. PORK AND SMOKED SAUSAGES: It’s advisable to eat smoked pork.


Pork sausage


To ensure the diet helps to get weight, you need a set of foods that you ought not to consume with high-calorie food. Use can negate the time and efforts to boost the mass of the body.

  • Eat more protein at breakfast. Truth be told that during the night, the blood sugar level falls, so in the morning, carbohydrates get into the fat deposits in the abdomen and not the muscle mass.
  • Use carbohydrates after sports training. Don’t eat fruits or consume energy drinks after physical stress. This kills the appetite for long hours. It is much better to go and eat a standard meal.
  • Refusal of proteins. They are considered by many to be steroids, but in fact, there’s no harm from them. Proteins act positively on the growth of muscles, give the necessary charge for training, and quickly replenish the protein supply.
  • Three meals a day. Doctors believe that eating three times a day will not cause anything good. It is best to divide the daily ration into 5-6 receptions.


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