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In this life of pandemic, people have gained a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression in society and because of this some people trying to commit suicide, they forget everything and can only think about their own life, but they don’t know that their family also suffers in this battle. During this lockdown, because of covid-19 many people who live alone start feeling overthink because no one being can stay alone for a long time. They put themselves very behind. But Modi ji always says in every speech if you adopt yoga, yoga will take care of your health and heal you from inside for a long. You will not need to go to doctors. It will give you the inner strength that helps you in being alone situation. A consistent practice offers all kinds of mental, and physical health. They are many websites and apps which have made yoga classes, mediation classes, and workout classes free of costs. Anyone can join it.

Health benefits of yoga!

✓Improves sleeping patterns

✓Relax your body, soul, and mind

✓Improve flexibility

✓Improve blood circulations

✓Fosters mental calmness maintain Discipline

✓Balance your mind in any situation

✓Teaches better breathing

✓Increase mobility

✓Mobility in the hips relieves stiffness in the lower back

✓Increase muscle tone

✓Increase blood circulation

✓Balance your body temperature

✓Inhale confidence exhale negativity

✓Improves your body structure

Yoga had known to be beneficial for ages and not for weight loss and but also to keep the mind calm. It keeps your body temperature balanced, increases blood circulation, and reduces obesity. There are many people who are suffering from many diseases, but after yoga, they leave their medicine issues behind and live their lives happily.

Yoga is the best cure for stress, depression, and sadness. It gives a direction to your valuable life. Moving and stretching in a new way will help you become more flexible, bringing a greater range of motion to tight areas. It will give you the inner strength to boost your immunity naturally. Yoga will impact the health of the entire body, soul, and mind and not only part of the body.

Life always gives an option to win but when your mind is stronger than your emotions and it can be true if yoga is with you. Yoga helps you to handle it in any critical situation. The practice of Yoga along with breathing and meditation can be considered as an all-round exercise that will take care of our body.

Different types of Poses for beginners:

There are some asanas for all that will help prevent your blissful life.

Hatha, Trikonasana (Triangle Pose), Kursiasana (Chair Pose), Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), Ardha Kati Chakrasana, and Veerbadrasana, Tadasana (Mountain Pose), child Pose, Bridge Pose.  Take your 20 minutes for Yoga and mediation every day, can help immensely in overcoming stress and anxiety for a lifetime.

Butterfly Pose

Yoga in social distancing: 

As social distancing reduces our physical movements and gatherings, now it’s a perfect time to uplift, vitality. With the practice of good hygiene, one must also adopt another way to nourish the Brain. It also relishes your sense and makes you aware of your well-being and surrounding. Yoga promotes alpha brain waves to lead the learning and memory ability. Yoga and Meditation are good food to relax the body and brain in any crucial time.

Yoga is a technique of reflection and mediation infuse a sense of mindfulness and regulate breathing and a sense of tranquility. International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21 June every year. On that day all the countries come forward and participate in it. They also gusto and encourage their people to live for healthy lives. Do any pose that separates you from the obstacles that are causing you difficulties. Separate your mind from those things. Any such poses count in yoga and meditation. 

Yoga is a great way to start your pleasure day. Upgrade yourself to learn the best technique of yoga asanas. It’s a good opportunity for all who want to build their career in yoga and mediation. Yoga can truly help you fight all your battles big or small :).

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