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Parents are the most precious thing in life. They are the best gift in our life from GOD. They nurture their children with deep love and affection for long 20-25 years. They make children like human beings with everything they have. In return, they expect only a little sympathy and a little love from their children when they are grown old. But many children cannot meet the little demands of their parents. 

So let’s read some children’s stories like this….


There was a boy who reads at University. His family’s financial situation was not good. He will take the exam in Masters. But he has not enough money. This is why he came to his father and told him that it would cost him Rs 4500 to fill-up the examination form. If I can’t take the exam this year, then a year of life will be wasted. Then his parents said you have to take the exam.

For this reason, both his parents fasted. Because, if they are fasting, then they do not have to eat one meal. They have saved money for that one meal. His father works on someone else’s land; his mother works someone else’s house, borrows with great difficulty, and gives 4500 rupees to their son.

By the grace of GOD, the boy did well in the exam and got a good job in a private company. Then he married a rich and beautiful girl of his choice. His wife was beautiful and rich, but she was arrogant. She hated her in-laws because they were poor. When people ask her about her in-laws, then she answered them that her in-laws died. Even, she does not allow her husband to go to his parents, saying that if you go, I will divorce you.

Eventually, he left his parents because of his wife.

One day, the boy met a man from his village. Then the man said that you are very happy. But your mother is very sick. They have no money for medicine. I don’t think she will live long.

Then the boy went home and told his wife about this matter that his wife would not do this. She even said that if he goes, she will divorce him. The boy said, her wife, shoot your divorce.

Then the boy angrily left the house for the village home. Then at 2 a.m. He left by bus. After getting off the bus, he saw some rickshaws carrying passengers one by one. There is only one rickshaw left. The man standing with his head bowed.

Then the boy called him. The man came forward with rickshaw. But when he came, he saw that the boy was his son.

The man said, where are you going, sir? The boy replied that he would go to his village. The man agreed. The boy did not realize that the man was his father. The man covered his head with a sheet so that no one would recognize him.

The man is already old. He was very weak because he did not eat anything for three days. For this reason, he could not drive the rickshaw at high speed.

This is why the boy pushed the man’s back. And the boy said, why drive a rickshaw at this age? Don’t you have any son?

Then the boy gave another push the man’s back. As a result, the man fell on the road and broke his two front teeth. Even the man stood up with great difficulty. This was Winter-night. Thick fog all around.

The man said to the boy, “sir, turn on the light on your phone.” The man removed his sheet and stood in front of the light and said to the boy, “Sir, can you recognize me?” Has my life been ruined by making you, sir? The man began to talk about his troubles one by one. The boy was embarrassed. He just listened to everything which his father was saying.

At last, they both reach home. But unfortunately, the boy’s mother died shortly before they arrived. Seeing his wife dead-body, the man also died of a heart attack.

Then the boy grabbed the body of his parents and started crying.


An older man took his phone to a Repair Shop.

Technician: Nothing is wrong with this phone.

Older man with tears in his eyes said: Then why DON’T my children ever call me?


From these two-story, we learn that Parent gives up their happiness for the happiness of the children. So everyone should take care of their parents. Be a little sympathetic to them. Otherwise, they have to lose prematurely.

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