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Farmers Prahlad Singh and Shakti Singh chased the two Udaipur killers for 35 kmJaipur: New details have emerged about how the two Muslim men who killed Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal over a post on Prophet Muhammad were caught while fleeing the Rajasthan city on a motorcycle.Two farmers, Prahlad Singh and Shakti Singh, at great risk to their own lives chased the two killers – Gos Mohammad and Riyaz Akhtari – for 35 km until the two were intercepted, overpowered and arrested by the Rajasthan Police.Prahlad Singh told NDTV that he heard from the police the two killers would try to escape. The alert farmer then kept a constant eye on his village just in case the killers came there as the road going outside the town passed through his village.Prahlad Singh and his farmer friend, Shakti Singh, were having tea by a highway when they spotted the two killers speeding down the road on a bike.”We saw them escaping from this village,” Mr Singh told NDTV.Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has felicitated the two farmers for their bravery.Quickly, the two farmers gunned the engine of their motorcycle and tailed the killers.The farmers said at one point during the chase they came to within 100 metres of the killers, who waved a large knife at them. Prahlad Singh said they maintained some distance after that since he wasn’t sure if the two terrorists had handguns or even an AK-47 assault rifle.All the while the two farmers kept in touch with the police and kept on giving updates about where the two killers were headed. This helped the police plan an intercept course.Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has felicitated the two farmers for their bravery.Some social organisations have asked the state government to honour the farmers with cash rewards and jobs.

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