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Highest ever 1.67 lakh companies were registered in 2021-22More than 1.67 lakh companies were incorporated or registered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in 2021-22, compared to 1.55 lakh companies registered in the corresponding fiscal, an 8 per cent rise.Official sources said that the figure of 1.67 lakh companies getting registered in 2021-22 is the highest ever compared to any of the previous financial years.The highest number of 44,168 companies to be registered during 2021-22 were under the business services segment, followed by those in the manufacturing sector (totalling 34,640) and personal & social services (numbering 23,416 entities).Companies registered under the agriculture sector during the period were 13,387, according to figures provided by Ministry of Corporate Affairs.During 2018-19, the ministry had registered 1.24 lakh companies while the figure was 1.22 lakh for companies incorporated by it in 2019-20.Maharashtra led among the states with highest number of companies registered under its jurisdiction, totalling 31,107 companies in 2021-22, followed by 16,969 companies registered in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi (16,323 companies), Karnataka (13,403 companies) and Tamil Nadu (with 11,020 registered companies).

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