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Delhi Police are paying special attention to aerial objects – like drones, kites, and balloons.New Delhi: Intelligence agencies have issued a high alert in New Delhi ahead of Independence Day celebrations, sources said. Officials suspect that explosives and weapons have been smuggled in through Pakistan using drones.This information was received during the interrogation of terrorists who were arrested in Punjab recently, sources said.Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and AK-47 rifles have been smuggled into the country via the India-Pakistan border, sources said.The alert comes a day after Delhi police arrested six people for their alleged involvement in the smuggling of ammunition. Cops recovered 2,251 live cartridges from their possession, which were meant to be supplied in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow. Police have not ruled out a terror angle yet.Around 1,000 high-specification cameras will be used to contain aerial objects, he said, adding that these cameras will be installed by the North, Central, and New Delhi district units of the city police. These cameras will also help monitor the VVIP route leading up to the Red Fort.Intelligence agencies have asked Delhi police to tighten screening during the Independence Day event at the Red Fort, where PM Modi will deliver an address.Police have said that they will pay a special attention to aerial objects – like drones, kites, and balloons. Police issued an order on July 22, prohibiting the flying of aerial objects such as paragliders, hand gliders, and hot air balloons ahead of Independence Day. The order shall remain in force in the national capital till August 16.Over 400 kite fliers have been deployed at the Red Fort and nearby areas to contain kite flying and balloons.

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