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Haruna Kawaguchi has done more than just act in movies: she has released her own calendar in 2013 and 2014

Haruna Kawaguchi, the young and beautiful actress that released a calendar in 2013 that was like a story and constructed into seasons was once again making news in Japan. This young and rising movie star released her calendar titled Year 2015 on September 27, 2014. It was a challenging photo shoot for Kawaguchi who was dressed in a black bikini. She was also seen wearing more casual clothing including a long-sleeved white buttoned shirt as she walks in the grass and exposes herself to the nature. Kawaguchi commented on the photo shoot, saying that she had the mindset of an adult for this photo shoot. She described fashion as a tool for her to express herself so she feels that she was photographed like an adult. Kawaguchi also mentioned that it would really make her happy if people would enjoy the calendar from many different angles. Kawaguchi held a release event for her 2015 calendar at the Kinokuniya Bookstore in Shinjuku. I began reading about Haruna back in 2012 and 2013 and we are now in 2016.

What else makes Haruna Kawaguchi famous besides her acting skills?

Kawaguchi is not the only Japanese celebrity to generate such positive news for having released a photo book. She joins some very prominent people that have done this. For instance, actress and gravure idol Yoko Mitsuya, 31, of Saitama released her 2012 photo book called 27 +3. Risa Niigaki released her photo book called Acension back in 2012 which was the last one that she released as a member of Morning Musume. She also showed her impressive bikini body! Who is Haruna Kawaguchi?

Where was Haruna Kawaguchi born and who shares her zodiac sign?

Haruna Kawaguchi was born in Nagasaki, Japan on February 10, 1995. As an interesting side note, she shares the same birth sign as former AKB48 singer Rina Kawaei. She is really beautiful and these photos will show you how stunning she can be. However, Kawaguchi focuses primarily on the acting side of the industry and is not a Japanese idol singer.

A few famous roles that Kawaguchi has had so far

Kawaguchi who is now 25 is rising in popularity having appeared in movies and dramas such as Sukitte linayo (Say I Love You) and Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (N neo).

Another interesting side of Haruna Kawaguchi

This 2015 calendar will be the last one that she releases in her teenage years. Kawaguchi is very happy to have the calendar be ready and in physical form. Kawaguchi who would turn 20 in February 2015, talked about her goals. She said that she wants to get better at doing household chores. As she lives alone and is busy filming dramas and movies, she does not have the time for household chores. One of her other goals is to become better as a cook. Although Kawaguchi can make Japanese food, she said that she wants to become better at cooking Italian food, such as pasta.

Futher acting roles and endorsements made by Kawaguchi

Haruna Kawaguchi would star in her first stage play called Ikiteru Mono wa Inai no Ka and it is a departure from movie acting but Kawaguchi said that this is fun because there are many people around her that love to act. Kawaguchi hopes that this experience will help her grow as an entertainer and person.

Haruna Kawaguchi has also been involved in endorsements with several companies including Otsuka Pharmaceutical Pocari Sweat, Sony, and Toyota Motor Passo.

The Significance of the Photo Book haruna3

Kawaguchi releases her 3rd photo book called haruna3

Kawaguchi would end up releasing her 3rd photo book called haruna3 on February 10, 2015 which was also her 20th birthday. The photo book was shot in Hawaii and Croatia with the special theme of “20-years-old.” She showed her beautiful body dressed in a bikini or lingerie. Kawaguchi said that she was very happy to be surrounded by her favorite staff members in Hawaii and Croatia. She was really savoring that happiness while creating everything carefully. To have three photo books released by the time you are 20, that is a special honor for Kawaguchi along with her endorsements. The photos for the photo book were taken in Hawaii and Croatia. Hawaii has significance other than being just another state in the US It is the same place that former AKB48 center and member Atsuko Maeda made her photo book called Acchan in Hawaii. And of course, it was also the same place which Mako Kojima and many other AKB48 members went to for the filming of the music video Labrador Retriever. Haruna has acted in movies and done modeling in a very impressive way. Congratulations to this beautiful movie star from Nagasaki!

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