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Industrialist Harsh Goenka.Industrialist Harsh Goenka often shares motivational and interesting posts to keep his social media fans entertained. A few months ago, the RPG Group Chairman shared a list of lessons that one can learn from fellow industrialist Anand Mahindra. This time around, he shared a similar list for internet users for all the lessons they can learn from the new boss of Twitter, Elon Musk. Mr Goenka took to Twitter to share a post which featured six work-life lessons to be learnt from the Tesla CEO. They included, among other things, the ability to learn from one’s mistakes, hire problem solvers, and keep pushing to get better.The post reads, “Some lessons from Elon Musk.” The first lesson was to “learn from your mistakes” and the second was to “keep asking for feedback.” Thirdly, it was also important to “Keep pushing to get better.”The RPG Chairman added, “If you create a compelling mission for the organization to make a better world it will make your people work their best.” Hiring problem solvers and always asking why were the last two lessons. Also Read: Harsh Goenka Says People Are Underestimating Elon Musk’s ”Genius”, Calls Him ”Ahead Of His Time”Since being shared, the post has more than 500 likes. The tweet got a lot of reactions from internet users. One person wrote, “He does what his heart says and his brilliant mind also agrees with it. Elon carries with him the dash and the push! He decides. He speaks his mind, right or wrong…He is human, before being the richest man on planet earth,of course our Indian friend may surpass him soon!””Success criterion are never different but very few follow. These few become successful & set an example. Challenge is these few never become many. World needs many to sort out umpteen issues being faced. Hope these men & lessons inspire many,” said another person.”Always ask why , is most important, majority of us avoid ” WHY”,” added a third user. Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DaySky Full Of Stars: Sonam, Vicky, Arjun And Parineeti Spotted At Airport

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