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The post has garnered more than 415,000 likes.A video of a groom bending before his bride and touching her feet is going viral on the internet. The short clip that is creating quite a buzz online is in contrast to the Indian traditions where a bride usually touches the feet of her husband once the marriage is solemnized. “A Core memory,” read the text inserted in the video. It shows the bride and groom sharing a happy hug after he touches her feet. “Our pandit didn’t like this at all. But by the end of the ceremony, he whispered to me: “You are one very lucky girl”,” Instagram user Diti Goradia wrote while sharing the video. Watch the clip here.“Marry your equal in every sense of the word!” Ms Goradia added.Since being shared, the post has garnered more than 415,000 likes and thousands of views and comments. “Aww that is the most adorable thing I saw on the internet today…. like I was going through something upsetting but after seeing this my mood was lit …. God bless you girl you have found yourself a gem,” wrote one user. “Don’t worry pandit is not gonna live with u guys,” jokingly said another. A third user added, “Now it seems our generation is doing the right things. Happiness galore to you both.”Viral Video | “I Got It”: Brooklyn Cyclist Balances Suitcase On His HeadMeanwhile, in another heartwarming instance, an African American groom recently said his wedding vows in Malayalam, his Indian bride’s native language. In the video, the groom was seen exchanging vows in both Malayalam and English. He initially started in English but soon switched to Malayalam. “I have found my wife,” he said. “I am gonna speak a little Malayalam here,” he added, before translating the vows to Bride’s native language.The video received more than 67,000 views and thousands of likes on Instagram. Click for more trending news

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